Pacific octopus in the air, stray dogs killed, a demonstration against the far right: the main news in the region

Pacific octopus in the air, stray dogs killed, a demonstration against the far right: the main news in the region

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Pacific octopus in the tielles…

#SÈTE. A study which was the subject of a scientific publication in the journal Science Direc, reveals that most of the squid (17 out of 25 tested) were prepared with giant squid imported from the Eastern Pacific and not with octopus as recommended in the original recipe for this typical Sète dish. "More than 30 % of the products analyzed were falsely labeled ‘‘octopus’ ’ while they were cooked with squid."

On the other hand, the study did not reveal any impact on taste, suggesting that "the flavor of the tielles depends more how they are prepared and the species used.Six researchers or ex-researchers participated, in 2021, in this work relating to the genetic identification of species present in tielles: Sophie Arnaud (Ifremer), Cécile Perrin (ex-academic), Babett Günther ( ex-Ifremer), Cécile Fauvelot and Philippe Borsa (IRD), Nicolas Bierne (CNRS).

Stray dogs may be killed

#SUD AVEYRON. A prefectural decree authorizes the slaughter of stray, wandering or malicious dogs in five municipalities ( La Couvertoirade, L’Hospitalet-du-Larzac, Nant, Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon and Saint-Jean Saint Paul). Published on April 10, it is valid for one month.

This slaughter is possible under certain conditions. This decree was taken in particular "given the extent of the reports of damage to domestic herds established in recent months by agents of the French Biodiversity Office and the conclusion of which does not rule out the responsibility of the wolf& quot;, according to the Prefecture. Since the start of the year, seven attacks on sheep on six different farms have been assessed as being attributable to wolves.

More than 2000 demonstrators against the extreme right

#BÉZIERS.Between 2,000 and 3,000 people from the entire region and Catalonia, according to the CGT, participated in the great united march for freedoms and against the extreme right, this Tuesday afternoon. A meeting organized by a large inter-union organization led by the CGT and its general secretary Sophie Binet and joined by several political parties and left-wing associations.

The demonstrators met in front of the Labor Exchange before heading towards the Allées and then the Champ de Mars. If the parade turned out to be festive and good-natured, the speeches were much more incisive and combative. For Sophie Binet, the rise to power of the RN "is first and foremost the work of Emmanuel Macron."

The number of the day: 100

#NÎMES. More than a hundred police officers were mobilized this Tuesday morning in the Mas-de-Mingue, Courbessac and Chemin-Bas sector of Avignon as part of a vast operation to fight against drug trafficking. An exceptional mobilization which made it possible to practically seal off the neighborhood. Nearly fifteen suspects were arrested. Two figures of local banditry trafficking are particularly in the crosshairs.

Ecology: the Region consults

#OCCITANIE. Following the launch of its Cop Occitanie, " unique approach to planning the ecological transition and defining action levers aligned with national objectives for reducing greenhouse gases (GHG), preserving biodiversity and resources", the Occitanie Region launched a citizen consultation this Tuesday.

Until May 26, on the website, everyone can indicate the level of commitment to which they are ready to adhere and what is slowing down changes of practices. This should feed into a regional roadmap promised at the start of the school year.

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