Palavas: A crazy Lucullus for the 2nd day of the Albert Dubout Trophy

Palavas: A crazy Lucullus for the 2nd day of the Albert Dubout Trophy

Rageur, Lucullus termine aux trousses de Nordine El Ghiati. Martine Aliaga

Pour la deuxième journée du Trophée Albert Dubout, dans les arènes El Cordobès de la cité balnéraire qui fête cette année son centième anniversaire, le club taurin local "Fiesta y Toros" organisait un concours de manades comptant pour le Trophée des As Midi Libre – La Provence – FFCC. 

From Mi Gato good first, to Siffleur excellent last, there was no shortage on the bull side, a supersonic Lucullus, in 4th position transcending the whole. And if no raseteur concentrates all the light, the team shows motivation and regularity until being honored in the end. The music highlighting the work done and the quality of the cocardiers of the day.
Mi Gato (Félix, N. 129, difficult).- Available for series, at times his impulse challenges men. The biou manages, keeps the bite, the whites scratch the strings that will hold. Good first, 3 Carmen and back.

Sacha (Cyr, N. 406).- If he lets himself be shorn with ribbons, his liveliness, his accelerations, his hair of anticipation and his sustained trajectories show his potential and his strong character. The last minutes heat up until he hits the woodwinds. Winner of the confrontation with his 2 strings. 5 Carmen and back.

Souvignarguais (Les Baumelles, N. 940).- At 15 years old, the biou walks the whites, places great accelerations and brings back nimbly, even being able to rear up (4 Carmen). The men see their numerous attempts fail and it is with strings attached that Souvignarguais bids farewell to Palavas with music and applause.

Palavas: A crazy Lucullus for the 2nd day of the Albert Dubout Trophy

Youssef Zekraoui leads Lucullus behind him. Martine Aliaga

Lucullus (Cuillé, N. 409).- Unceremoniously attacked on his movements, the cocardier will draw on the bravery of his race to deliver a quarter of a d’ stunning hour and deal with the mess. With rage and power, forcing his somewhat heavy physique, he delivers blow for blow, multiplying his efforts and his large-scale commitments on the boards. Each raseteur will take his share of hit responses (around fifteen, as many from Carmen), the most enormous on El Ghiati, Zekraoui, Katif. Strings in place, music on the way back.

Palavas: A crazy Lucullus for the 2nd day of the Albert Dubout Trophy

Lucullus rises behind Nordine El Ghiati. Martine Aliaga

Villaret (Cuillé, N.406).- In the same style, spectacular and angry, he will also multiply himself with bravery. A dozen actions struck to music and a string saved. Carmen.

Praden (Good, N.6 34).- This young hopeful gets caught in the game of well-run series but copes with heart and a lot of enthusiasm . He defends his strings until he throws himself onto the boards in finishing. 13’30 of good learning. 3 Carmen and back.

Whistler(Méjanes, N. 601, for 10).- The winner of Avenir 2023 confirms all the potential felt last year. Calm but motivated, capable of powerful and devastating responses, he continues with impressive finishes (10). Aggressive as hell, he ends with a mad chase on the heels of El Ghiati ending in great style. Strings at home, 8 Carmen and back.

Technical Sheet

Race on Saturday May 11. Ace Trophy.

Entry: 1800 paying – Organizer: CT Fiesta y toros – Presidency: André Paillet. Right-handed raseteurs: Félix, Lopez, Katif, Chekade, Laurier.

Left-handed raseteurs: El Ghiati, Assenat, Naïm, Zekraoui.

Tourneurs : Khaled, Moutet, Dumas, Moine, Estève.

As Trophy (Coef 0.5, except Mi-Gato coef 2): Félix 11, Zekraoui 8, Naïm 7, Katif 6 , Lopez 4.5.

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