Paris 2024 Olympic Games: these “company teams” which integrate and support athletes in their preparation

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: these “company teams” which integrate and support athletes in their preparation

L’appel lancé sur les réseaux sociaux par Pauline Mahieu, la nageuse de Canet 66, a été capté par la Banque Populaire du Sud qui l’aide à achever sa préparation pour les Jeux confortablement. L'INDEPENDANT – MICHEL CLEMENTZ

Because they sometimes struggle to find sponsors, high-level athletes appreciate being part of the collectives set up by numerous partners of the Games such as EDF, Sanofi, Carrefour or Banque Populaire du Sud. A win-win formula based on exchange.

A call for help like a bottle thrown into the ocean of social networks. Even crowned with the legendary French record for the 100m backstroke by Laure Manaudou, broken last year, Pauline Mahieu was unable to find enough sponsors to complete her Olympic budget in the spring of 2024. La Banque Populaire du Sud responded to her call and integrated her into his « team ». These collectives of Olympic athletes have developed within the partner companies of the games. The Lebrun brothers (table tennis) signed with Carrefour a few weeks ago.

"You have to move to find partners"

An almost vital breath of oxygen for Pauline Mahieu. Like many athletes, she was not among the circle favored by the National Sports Agency. "I had put together a file with them for research of sponsor but it was not moving forward, she explains. In fact, it's a bit like system D. You have to move to find partners."

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The swimmer hopes to validate her qualification for the Olympics, mid-June in Chartres during the French championships while following remote physiotherapist studies. If the Canet club and local partners are supportive, the support of the BPDS is essential to cover "the housing, food, food supplements budget…&quot ;

Created in 2018, with the support of sailing, Team Banque Populaire du Sud became in 2020 the collective "I dream of Paris 2024", bringing together a dozen young athletes from the region including Anthony Jeanjean (BMX) or the beach volleyball players Arthur Canet and Téo Rotar.

Employed athlete exchanges

"Our wish was not to catch big headliners in our nets but rather young aspiring athletes who needed training. ;rsquo;to be accompanied, which corresponds to the spirit of our bank", underlines Sébastien Mellado director of communications of the establishment, official partner of the JOP 2024.

Individualized contracts based on the needs of athletes. In addition to financial assistance, variable and confidential, the bank intervenes "on image management, how to communicate on networks, sell oneself, look for other partners…& quot;

Employees create a community of support which will also benefit from feedback from athletes during immersion in agencies: "We organize "& ;nbsp;live my life " Athletes who slip into the shoes of an employee and collaborators who go to the training centers to spend a day with the athletes." La Banque Populaire du Sud will also offer during the Games for overnight stays for loved ones of its qualified athletes. Like a guest room that protects these very intimate bonds.

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