Real-Barça: “Shame”, “injustice”, Catalan coach Xavi shatters the absence of goal-line technology in La Liga

Real-Barça: “Shame”, “injustice”, Catalan coach Xavi shatters the absence of goal-line technology in La Liga

Real-Barça, un match où l'arbitrage a encore fait couler de l'encre. Juan Carlos Rojas – Juan Carlos Rojas

Barcelona was (unfairly ?) denied a goal and Real Madrid won (2-3). Ancelotti’s men are heading towards the title.

FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez judged on Sunday that the absence of goal-line technology in La Liga was "a shame&quot ;, after a goal denied to his team during the Clasico lost 3-2 against Real Madrid.

In the 28th minute of play, Madrid goalkeeper Andriy Lunin saved a deflection from Lamine Yamal on his line, without the slow motion and VAR being able to confirm that the ball had completely gone in (28th).

La Liga is in fact the only major championship not to use goal-line technology, considered too expensive by its president Javier Tebas, which nevertheless allows the almost automatic validation of a goal.

Questioned about the speech of his captain Marc-André Ter Stegen, who had considered in the mixed zone "the fact that we cannot find a good angle to check the goal is a shame for football", Xavi went in the same direction : "If we want to be the best championship in the world you have to use the best technology", he summarized.

The former midfielder, disappointed in the press room, said "proud" of his team's performance despite the defeat in added time, believing that Barça "would have deserved to win the three points"< /em>.

"My main feeling is injustice", explained Xavi, assuring, in response to a question from a journalist, that the referee had "conditioned" the match with several contentious decisions.

Real is almost there

After announcing his departure at the end of the season, the Catalan technician also responded that "it’was not the time" to talk about his future. Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti did not want to comment on his counterpart's comments, contenting himself with recalling that no slow motion showed Yamal's ball & quot;clearly crossing the line".

He was, however, pleased with a victory "which allows us to take an important step towards the La Liga title", at the end of a week "spectacular and unforgettable", after qualifying on penalties on Wednesday for the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester City.

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