Paris 2024 Olympic Games. VIDEO. A diver’s huge miss for the inauguration of the Olympic aquatic center

Paris 2024 Olympic Games. VIDEO. A diver’s huge miss for the inauguration of the Olympic aquatic center

The diver found himself in a very bad position. Twitter screenshot (X). – Twitter screenshot (X).

The Saint-Denis Olympic aquatic center was inaugurated this Thursday, April 4, by Emmanuel Macron. An inauguration during which a memorable fall took place.

A poorly controlled caper for an inauguration. The Saint-Denis Olympic aquatic center, inaugurated this Thursday, experienced its first hiccup.

To inaugurate the diving boards of this new swimming pool, three divers performed a show which did not go as planned. One of the three lost his balance and found himself in the water faster than his colleagues. An incident that we hope will have no consequences for the athlete.

Before that, Emmanuel Macron inaugurated this Thursday the Olympic aquatic center of Saint-Denis, which will host the synchronized swimming, diving and water polo events during the Paris Games, before to launch a "site review" general almost a hundred days before the planetary meeting.

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L’Elysée boasts an "architectural and ecological prowess" which "perfectly embodies those in which the Games can be useful to the country. With "the largest concave wooden frame in the world", this "showcase of know-how French" allows “to reduce building energy consumption by 30 %", explained to the press an advisor to the Head of State, who will meet workers who participated in its construction.

An important legacy for Seine-Saint-Denis

In addition, it is the only permanent site built for the Olympic Games next summer, to which we can add the Arena Porte de la Chapelle, an old project financed thanks to the Games.

This will therefore be an important legacy for Seine-Saint-Denis, the poorest department in France where one in two students does not know how to swim upon entry in sixth grade, according to the public authorities.

"Thanks to the Games and the two swimming pool plans initiated with the department, 18 new pools out of ten swimming pools which have been built or renovated, which can be bequeathed to the inhabitants", according to the presidency.

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