Peasant anger flares: in Nîmes, angry farmers block mass distribution depots

Peasant anger flares: in Nîmes, angry farmers block mass distribution depots

Une cinquantaine de tracteurs et des pneus en feu devant le portail du dépôt Auchan à Saint-Cézaire. Midi Libre – Mikael Anisset

Around fifty tractors and as many masked farmers set tires, manure and waste on fire in front of the entrance gates of the Géodis, Grand Frais and Auchan logistics platforms.

One day, two atmospheres! After the support of the mayors of Gard (AFM30) this Monday morning, who came to the A9 motorway blocked by angry farmers since last Thursday, after the hugs of encouragement and the coffees shared at the mobilization base camp, the tone hardened in the afternoon. Because the anger has still not subsided.

In the morning, blockade points in Alès, Remoulins and Bagnols to control trucks carrying goods from Spain and make them stop on the side of the road had already created very big disruptions and monster traffic jams. 

"We are waiting for concrete measures"

 "We are waiting for concrete measures on Mediterranean agriculture and we still haven't heard anything, said David Sève, the departmental president of the FDSEA . This afternoon we will launch the closed-door operation!" 

Peasant anger flares: in Nîmes, angry farmers block mass distribution depots

Anger rises… Midi Libre – Mikael Anisset

Waiting for a while in front of the hypermarkets, it was finally towards the large distribution centers that a column of around fifty tractors headed to block the warehouses which deliver the stores. With a clear message: "We want mass retailers to stop buying foreign products and pay us the right price!"

About fifty tractors

Dozens of tires, manure and also bins of waste were dumped against the gates before being set alight by around fifty hooded farmers. In the curls of black smoke, Alain says under his mask: "Large distribution is making us die, and there it is…"

Everyone has the feeling of not having been heard by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, as summarized by Julie, Camargue bull breeder in Caissargues: "We are here to be heard. The minister says he gave us 5 out of 5, but no! We have to raise our voice. In the crosshairs: the standards which are less restrictive in Spain, "it's unfair competition.

An angry farmer adds: "We don't want to wait any longer. Today, we didn't have  only announcements, we want concrete things! Large retailers set the prices and the rules of the game, it strangles us. If we don't get a response, we'll set fire inside the distribution centers…"

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