You can find everything at extremely low prices: why the Chinese site Temu is in the UFC's sights what to choose ?

You can find everything at extremely low prices: why the Chinese site Temu is in the UFC's sights what to choose ?

Illustration commerce et achat en ligne – enseigne Temu. MAXPPP – Patrice MASANTE

It has created a place for itself among the giants of e-commerce in just a few months. The Chinese sales platform Temu is the subject of a complaint before Arcom, brought by the UFC Que Choisir.

Arriving in Europe in 2023, Temu is a year later, the 7th most visited merchant site by the French, according to the Fevad top 20. Despite the numerous criticisms aimed at this site, whose operation is comparable to sites like Ali Express, Temu does not respect legal obligations, denounces the consumer defense association UFC que Choisir.

What is Temu?

By going to the shopping site, we discover an online bazaar outlet, where all categories of objects are sold at unbeatable prices. From clothing to sports equipment, beauty and gardening, you can find almost everything.

"Temu is an online platform where most of the products sold are shipped to consumers directly from Chinese factories or warehouses at very low prices with experience biased user and a strong presence of advertisements", sums up the CEU which to choose.

What does the association denounce?

The online sales platform Temu violates several European trade rules according to the UFC. It does not "provide sufficient traceability of professionals who sell products on the platform", but consumers must know from whom they are purchasing products and who to turn to in the event of a problem.

Temu does not carry out any age verification and thus does not provide "high levels of security to minors", asserts the UFC. Finally, the site is accused of manipulating users by using "techniques called 'dark patterns'< em>, in particular by the use of false time counters or by creating an alleged limited stock creating a feeling of urgency."

A complaint filed

Faced with these shortcomings, the UFC que Choisir, as well as 16 other European associations, is using the Digital Service Act, fully applicable since February 17. This legislation "establishes a set of rules to hold digital platforms accountable and fight against the dissemination of illicit or harmful content or illegal products", recalls the Public Life website.

On the basis of this text, the UFC thus files a complaint with the Arcom, the telecommunications and digital watchdog in France.

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