Pétanque: Mireille Dubois and Sandy Catalano imperial at the Gard women's doubles championship

Pétanque: Mireille Dubois and Sandy Catalano imperial at the Gard women's doubles championship

Mireille Dubois et Sandy Catalano ont battu 13-0 en finale Valérie Sabatier et Ambre Faissat Midi Libre – Geneviève Oliva

Les Manduelloises ont survolé le championnat du Gard doublette féminin, samedi 13 et dimanche 14 avril à Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

In Bagnols-sur-Cèze, where the Gard women's doubles championship took place last weekend (April 13 and 14), most of the favorites passed the qualifying stage on Saturday . The competition therefore kept all its promises on Sunday, like a unique final tinged with nostalgia.

Nostalgia and family saga

This final game for the title and place in the French championship on August 27 and 28 in Objat (Corrèze) had a particular taste for a historic player from Gard, Valérie Sabatier. Twenty years after her title won, as shooter, with her mother Jocelyne, she continued the family saga, now as scorer, with her daughter Ambre Faissat shooting, under the colors of Milhaud's Boule des Anges.

It was a great story but facing them, the Manduelloises Mireille Dubois and Sandy Catalano, already titled in 2021, intended to continue writing theirs, in the steamroller style that they printed for two days.

The finale completed in six ends

Thus, this final only lasted six ends, almost one-sided, with a stratospheric Dubois-Catalano duo who played at their best level. The level of hexagonal sizes, like, in particular, the goal played by Catalano on the 5th pass, for three points.

The Milhaudoises, overwhelmed, never entered the game. However, we were still able to appreciate the talent of Valérie Sabatier on the last lead with a difficult and successful shot on goal but ultimately not released. Mother and daughter will go to the Regional on June 2 in Armissan (Aude).
Evolution of the score: 3-0, 4-0, 7-0, 8-0, 11-0, 13-0.

Double defending champions eliminated in semi-finals

In the semi-final, the finalists achieved the feat by defeating the double title holders 13-8, Nancy Cailotto and Chantal Léori (Boule de feu Manduel), who nevertheless led 5-0 thanks to better support and superb and delicate strikes.
The 2024 champions had quite logically beaten (13-8) Marie-France Sarhan and Jessica Muzotte (Boule bouillarguaise).

The small final won by  Cailotto and Léori

The small final for the second qualifying place in the Regional was won 13-8 by Manduelloises Cailotto and Léori.

Result of the quarter-finals: Dubois beats Laurence Dummonet and Aurélie Caron (Canaules) at 0; Sabatier beats Carole Abad and Bénédicte Boudes (Bouillargues) at 4; Cailotto beats Marina Rubio and Léa Escoda (Les Angles) at 4; Sarhan beats Erika Reynaud and Élodie Ageorges (Canaules) at 7. I subscribe to read more

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