Place your child on their bike seat

Place your child on their bike seat

Place your child on their bike seat

Using a seat, yes, that too can be learned! Midi Libre – co-owner

Traveling by bike with your child is fun and practical on a daily basis. But be careful: traveling as a couple requires respecting a few rules of good conduct to avoid any accident. This week, Le Nez dans le Handlebar takes a look at the issue with you. Come on, saddle up!

Using a baby seat may seem obvious. However, let's remember a certain number of security points that you can validate on a daily basis. Because the stability of the bike with your child on it is improbable. Never leave your little one alone on the bike while you go to get the bread (again noticed a few days ago!).

On safety: when your child is on it, you hold the bike, it’s essential.
Know how to stop: avoid soft ground where the stand risks sinking. Choose a flat, hard floor, away from any traffic. While waiting to get on or after getting off, your child is safe behind the bike and always in view.

Helmet, crutch and circulation

Wearing a helmet: it is put on before getting on and removed after getting off. The crutch attached to the rear of the bike: it is chosen to be very wide and sturdy, it is stable because it is directly above the baby seat.

Good to also know: the crutches are fixed on the left side of the bike, therefore on the road side.  So avoid maneuvering near traffic lanes. If you can, make a U-turn before stopping.

The double stand which retracts under the bike: it allows the bike to be vertical. Ideal in any situation, it is essential for baby seats attached to the front. And authorizes maneuvers sheltered from traffic. But not all bikes accept it.
The thin side stand fixed under the pedals: short, offset, often unstable, to be avoided if possible.

One rule: never leave your child alone!

In conclusion: when stopped, and whatever the situation, never leave your child alone in his seat. Prepare everything else before seating it. Because once the little one is attached, you won't let go of the bike!

In the same way, once the journey is finished: you untie it and put it in a safe place before anything else. Enjoy your ride.

Section produced with Le Criquet de Talus velociste at 3, rue Lunaret.

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