Proligue: in financial difficulty, the FTHB sanctioned with a withdrawal of four points… before relegation ?

Proligue: in financial difficulty, the FTHB sanctioned with a withdrawal of four points… before relegation ?

Anthony Laurens et ses coéquipiers devront assurer, dès vendredi, sur le terrain. – JEROME BELLUIRE.

Si sportivement, le FTHB est dans la course aux play-offs de Proligue cette saison, dans les coulisses, le club du bassin de Thau éprouve des difficultés financières qui, après un retrait de quatre points, pourraient le conduire à une rétrogradation.

The great victory against Angers (44-32) last Friday put a smile on the faces of the Frontignan supporters. However, in the corridors of the Henri-Ferrari gymnasium during the Pontault-Combault reception, Friday April 5 at 8:30 p.m., thoughts should be less cheerful.

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In question, the club's press release, this Wednesday, April 3, informing its supporters of its withdrawal of four points (including one suspended) in the Proligue ranking.

The National Aid and Management Control Commission (CNACG), financial policeman of the National Handball League, sanctioned the Hérault residents for their financial difficulties.

"Unable to make ends meet"

After its rise in the professional world, in the summer of 2022, the FTHB had to double its budget, going from "650 000& euro; at 1.2 M€", specifies the press release.

"In a precarious position for 2023 – 2024, we tried to take advantage of the experience of a year to balance our budget and partially absorb our deficit", continues the club, "although work to stabilize aid has been carried out with the town of Frontignan, it has not been possible, at this time, to be finalized with the other partner communities."

These difficulties in terms of subsidies take Frontignan Thau Handball into a critical situation with "the impossibility of making ends meet"< /em>, deplores the Noir et Or club.

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"We are working tirelessly to try to fill the deficit, to stabilize public resources with certainty and to increase private ones in order to remain in the NHL next season", promise the leaders.

In the event of failure in these actions, the FTHB could be administratively relegated to Nationale 1. But co-presidents Jean Garait and Sylvain Pelegrin affirm this in this press release& nbsp;: "The project of maintaining a professional handball team around the Thau Basin remains our desire."

The next few weeks will be decisive for the future of the Black and Gold in Proligue.

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