Purchasing power and working time: Auchan Pérols employees have walked off the job

Purchasing power and working time: Auchan Pérols employees have walked off the job

Quentin Leclerc (right) and other employees in front of one of the entrances to the hypermarket.

According to the unions, walkouts have been followed by some employees since this morning. A national action, relayed within the Auchan-Pérols hypermarket, on the question of wages and the organization of working time.

"We have a mobilization force behind us. We will be forced to intensify the movement. We know we're going to go there". Employees of the Auchan retail chain were called to walk out this Friday morning. A national action organized by an inter-union CFDT, CFTC, CGT and FO joined by employees of the Pérols hypermarket and in particular Quentin Leclerc, the central union delegate of Force Ouvrière. "I would say that in the departments, the movement was followed by 75 % of employees between 6 h 30 and 8 am" he indicates, rather satisfied with this "warning shot" addressed to the group's management.

A revaluation deemed insufficient

The mobilized employees denounce in particular the proposals which were made to the union organizations during the obligatory annual negotiations, namely an increase in salaries of 1.3% and a "rebate rate& quot; of 10% on food in the chain's stores. "We are told that there is no money but we come from 98 Casino" observes Quentin Leclerc whose union is demanding a return to the negotiating table.

The other sticking point concerns a draft agreement on working time. "The general management has the wish to make us work in hypermarkets on fifteen compulsory Sundays and four public holidays if volunteering was insufficient" denounces the elected staff member, joined at the end of the morning by around fifteen colleagues in front of the entrance to the Pérols supermarket. The "living zone" of Auchan brings together the sites of Pérols, Mas Drevon and Malbosc, for a total of around 450 employees.

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