Putting the economy at the service of people: the CJD Nîmes celebrates 10 years of resilience

Putting the economy at the service of people: the CJD Nîmes celebrates 10 years of resilience

Séverine Barrow-Ferriere et Guillaume Charmasson sont présidents de la section du CJD Nîmes depuis le 1er juillet 2022. DR

Le 6 juin prochain, à l’écurie Hasta Luego, l’association nîmoise fêtera une décennie d’existence à accompagner les jeunes dirigeants d’entreprise.

Created in 1938, the Center for Young Managers (CJD) aims to manage better, to know themselves better and to train business leaders to have a positive impact on society and ;rsquo;environment.

This noble mission takes on its full meaning as we approach the Prestige Plenary, a biennial event which this year will mark ten years of the Nîmes section of the association.

An event under the sign of resilience

"This year’s theme is resilience", explains Séverine Barrow-Ferriere, co -president of the CJD Nîmes alongside Guillaume Charmasson."Our speakers will share their experiences, tell what they went through and how they reacted to these difficult situations. They will explain how they bounced back, moved forward and managed these challenges." For young leaders, this event promises to be rich in lessons, with inspiring stories of perseverance and courage.

Among the speakers of this new edition, the former French market operator Jérôme Kerviel, the racing driver Stéphane Sarrazin and Olivier de Pembroke, former national president of the Center for Young Business Leaders , will speak from 6:30 p.m. on the stage of the Hasta Luego stable. If their journeys are different, Séverine assures her: "They perfectly embody the theme of high-speed adrenaline"< /em>.

"Celebrate and recognize the usefulness of our commitment to the CJD"

Reflecting on her two-year mandate at the head of the CJD Nîmes, the young president recalls an experience "engaging and very rich", emphasizing the freedom to experiment, particularly with the introduction of the four-day week. "It’is an apolitical association, we have been able to go further in our position as leaders. Humans occupy a preponderant place within this association", she explains.

"For this new edition, we want to celebrate and recognize the usefulness of our commitment to the CJD. It's always enriching to receive feedback and share our experiences." As they prepare to leave the presidency on the 30th  Next June, Séverine and Guillaume remain determined to continue their commitment. "The CJD influences our daily lives and who we are. I want to continue to engage and challenge myself to always improve."

Meet on Thursday, June 6 from 6:30 p.m. at the Hasta Luego stable, Chemin de Florival. Registration required on  cjd-nimes.fr.

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