Reception of mentally injured people, Foir'issime in Béziers, dubious announcement… the essential news in the region

Reception of mentally injured people, Foir'issime in Béziers, dubious announcement... the essential news in the region

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Real estate: positive signs and a Midi Libre lounge

#BEZIERS –2024, year of improvement ? After a fairly terrible year 2023 for individuals faced with rising prices, soaring interest rates and restricted access to credit, the horizon seems to be brightening on the housing market, new or old. Enough to boost the real estate show organized by L’Agence-Midi Libre, during the 39th edition of Foir’issime, at the exhibition center, from Thursday March 21 to Sunday March 24. Indeed, the lights are starting to return (slowly all the same) to green: usury rates and interest rates are becoming reasonable again and the disappearance of the zero-rate loan, planned for 2024, is finally postponed to 31 December 2027.

Protest ads that go wrong

#HERAULT – Posted online at the beginning of March, the announcement on leboncoin of a person who presents as a farmer forced to sell an organ to pay his contributions MSA calls out. It is located in Tressan and titled "Vend rein Gauche" (sic) in the “Medical equipment” section. With a price of 100,000 euros, the text, tinged with irony, specifies that the sale of the organ would be used to "to pay my MSA contributions, and to live off my farm! Be careful, curious and malicious people refrain. I will only sell to the highest Bidder Make an offer!"A similar announcement, specifying "correct health, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no excess because no means", located in Puéchabon, is also still online on Marketplace. The initiative, which is not claimed, caused the France Adot federation to react, which provides information on organ donation and judges this announcement "to say the least scandalous and suspicious".

Today’s figure: 4.6

#MILLAU –Announced for the end of 2025, the urban rehabilitation program for the Sablons block in Millau has just begun with the launch of demolition work on eleven buildings. Aiming to redesign the urban face of the entire district in the heart of the old center, this project benefits from a budget of around 4.6 million euros. The 800 square meters concerned will be shared between a public space with a cool island and eight rehabilitated buildings with the creation of 14 housing units.

Congresses by bicycle

#MONTPELLIER – After cycling to Rennes last year, Artur Rainho is once again going to the FUB (Federation of Bicycle Users) congress by bike. This time, head towards Grenoble via the Via Rhôna before going around the Vercors to the west. That’s a journey of 340 km. Nothing to scare the Montpellier resident, who has already completed numerous long-distance hikes in Europe. Its objective: to raise awareness of the cycling game of the Vélocité association and the great cycling game that it has developed.

Soon an Athos home for the mentally injured

#HAUTE-GARONNE – In inaugurating the fourth Athos house in Savoie, the Secretary of State for Veterans, Patricia Mirallès, announced that the 5th will open in June in Beauteville, south of Toulouse. These sites aim to support mentally wounded military personnel. "This will meet a major need, since around a third of these wounded reside in Occitanie", indicates the minister. These announcements concretize the plan to support wounded military personnel and their families. By 2030, the objective is to constitute a network of ten Athos houses to accommodate more than 1,000 mentally injured "in a peaceful and caring environment which does not ;is not military but made for the military".


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