Retraining: Pierre Bérard, from professional rugby to the business world!

Retraining: Pierre Bérard, from professional rugby to the business world!

Pierre, au premier plan, a suivi son copain d'enfance Arnaud dans son projet. Midi Libre – ALAIN MENDEZ

Le Clermontais vient d'arrêter sa carrière à 32 ans pour créer la société de maîtrise d'ouvrage AP Conseils avec son copain d'enfance Arnaud Farret. 

Pierre Bérard put an end to his professional career, which began at the age of 19 at Montpellier Hérault Rugby, which he finished last year in National in the US Bressane club in Bourg-en-Bresse. The Clermontais chose the building as a reconversion by joining forces with his childhood friend Arnaud Farret, also 32 years old, to create AP Conseils, specializing in project management & nbsp;and project management. 

An opportunity

"The company was created last year but since January, we've both been fully involved&quot ;explains Pierre Bérard who took his first steps at the Rives d'Hérault rugby school, at the Estagnol, Beaumont and Trigit stadiums, in Clermont-l' Hérault, Lodève and Pézenas… before reaching Montpellier. "While playing at MHR, I did a BTS in Commerce at Sup de Co, already thinking about after rugby". But it was ultimately in the building that the athlete chose to carry out his reconversion.

"I have been in this environment for 8 years, I'have been a works manager and for three years I worked in a project manager's office in Béziers. resumes Arnaud Farret. "We see each other regularly and while discussing, the idea of ​​joining forces came naturally." An attractive project for the young retiree from sport."The fact that Arnaud knows the job well is reassuring. He had in mind to open his own business, so I took the opportunity with him and embarked on training to obtain a diploma and qualification. ;quot;

A busy career

Pierre Bérard spent 13 years in the world of professional rugby, while maintaining the link with the territory during regular visits to the rugby school or participation in the Oval Table of the RCO Salagou.

"It's a journey made up of great encounters, with good and less good memories and today I&#39 ;would have more time to spend with my friends" indicates Pierre who joined the MHR at 16 before joining the first team at 19, in 2010.

"I don't regret this choice" continues the one who was in the adventure of the final lost in 2011 then the one won with Castres against Montpellier in 2018. "I cross myself at the start of the season and I have a blank season. But I had incredible times in Castres where I kept friends. Thanks to rugby, I had the chance to travel a lot around the world with the French youth teams, in the European Cup."& nbsp;

After three years in Béziers (Pro D2), the rugby player joined Bourg-en-Bresse (Nationale) where he finished his career in 2023.  

It remains to make itself known to launch the activity in the sector of Biterrois, Piscenois and un Coeur d'Hérault which the two men know well. "We have to work with architects, suppliers, use address books and there, Pierre has an important role " explains Arnaud Farret who today lives in Poilhes, where he has set up the company's headquarters.

Member of the Oval Table of RCO Salagou and licensed at the Piscénois stadium

"We are members of the Coeur d'Hérault de la Table Ovale du RCO Salagou business network, of which I&#39 ;had participated in the very first seven years ago" complete Pierre Bérard who has not completely put away his crampons and is now playing at the Stadium Piscenois. "So as not to suddenly cut off with rugby" note that he is not very far from his brother Maxime, who also plays at the back… of RCO Salagou .  

Contacts: and 06 18 45 39 88.  I subscribe to read more

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