Richard Diffusion displays its ambitions with its new location in Garons

Richard Diffusion displays its ambitions with its new location in Garons

Laurent et Jonathan Karouby dirigent Richard Diffusion. Ils viennent d'investir dans de nouveaux locaux, plus modernes, à Garons. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

The Nîmes-based company, one of the major suppliers in France of professional furniture equipment to hotel, catering and café establishments, has just inaugurated its new 5’s headquarters. ;nbsp;000 m², near the airport.

A page was turned last fall in the history of the Richard Diffusion company. The company, which is one of the main French suppliers of furniture equipment for cafes, hotels and restaurants, has left its location in the Saint-Césaire area to plant its flag in the de Mitra, a few hundred meters from the airport, in Garons.

On Monday, its (young) leaders, Laurent and Jonathan Karouby left their mark on this development, by officially inaugurating the new location. It occupies more than 5,000 m², with, in addition to offices, 4 000 m² dedicated to the storage warehouse and 700 m² dedicated to the arrangement of a show room.

The weight of a storage space of size

"We were really starting to get cramped in Saint-Césaire, explain the two leaders. And then, our working tool no longer corresponded to what it should be in our time. If we wanted to continue to develop the company, we needed a new project". They ended up finding it with the support of the City of Garons and the SAT, the territorial planning company, the armed wing of Nîmes Agglo and the City of Nîmes in matters of land use. layout.

But as soon as they settled in, the two brothers, who represent the third generation of a company founded by their grandparents in the 1960s, were already planning expansion projects. "We will expand the storage area by approximately 1 000 m²", they explain. The stakes are high: "today, if we really want to develop our business, we must be able to respond to orders. You must therefore have stock available".

"Half of our turnover over 4 months"

Officially founded in 1992 by Richard and Monique Karouby, Richard Diffusion has, over the years, managed to break through in a very competitive sector. Under the leadership of their two sons, the company continues to make progress. "Today we are in the national market and we are starting to explore French-speaking countries, such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland".

The company, which should achieve nearly 4 million euros in turnover this year, is experiencing strong growth, of between 20 % and 30  nbsp;% per month. The current period is "rush hour". "We achieve half of our annual turnover over three to four months, between Easter and the start of summer", when client establishments prepare to enter the high summer season, that of all attendance.

A commercial strategy 2.0

The future of the company has also been launched. The arrival of the new generation at its head marked a major strategic evolution, with the implementation of a 2.0 commercial strategy. "We have placed a lot of emphasis on development of our website, which constitutes our first showcase, insist the two brothers.

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