Richard Gasquet: “It’s fabulous for me to manage to win this match”, “I’m happy that he gets on my backhand on the match point”

Richard Gasquet: “It’s fabulous for me to manage to win this match”, “I’m happy that he gets on my backhand on the match point”

Richard Gasquet a vécu un grand moment. MAXPPP – TERESA SUAREZ

Richard Gasquet presented himself at a press conference after his superb victory against Borna Coric, Sunday May 26, during his first round at Roland-Garros.

What worked for you today?

Winning the first set was important for that because playing it for an hour and then losing it is complicated. The second too I managed to manage the heated moments of the match well and after the third I managed to unlock and finish at 5-4. It's a perfect match for me, there were a lot of people, lots of atmosphere, it’s a great victory for me. It’s fabulous for me to succeed to win this match.

When you do this backhand passing to win the match, what's going on in your head ?

A lot of relief, because I know that if you get to 5-4, if you get to 5-all, we have almost three and a half hours of match. So if he wins the third set, you know that the fourth can be tough and you can get in a fight. So I know that these shots are crucial, after that it's my best shot, I'm happy that he goes on the backhand on the match point, I know that's where I can do it pass. Especially since it became difficult on a physical level, it’was hard, it’it was still three and a half hours of match.

It’s for these kinds of emotions that you still play?

I know this course is fabulous for that. You are close to the course, the audience is close to the players, close to each other too, you have the towels right next to them… It’s still a course that really benefits you. I knew the audience was going to be very excited, it carried me from start to finish. When you need them, they are there, and that's important, because it puts pressure on the opponent, it always puts a little more pressure on you. energy, so it was essential for me to have that.

A possible second round against Sinner, what does that inspire you??

I played against him twice last year, we had two great matches. I played very, very well. Afterwards he is obviously stronger than me, but I played really well, so I hope it will be a celebration for me. It’s fabulous to find myself here again on the central, to be able to play Sinner, it’s exceptional, and I’m going to try to make the most of the chance I have to be able to go to the central and to play this player who is exceptional.

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