Robert Ménard on ASBH: “I have never had so many emotions at the club!”

Robert Ménard on ASBH: “I have never had so many emotions at the club!”

Robert Ménard, mayor of Béziers, looks back on an exceptional season. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

The mayor of Béziers and boss of the rugby club looks back on an exceptional season of ASBH rugby.

Mayor of Béziers but also « boss » of the ASBH through the Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (SCIC), Robert Ménard shares the enthusiasm of the Béziers public… and awaits a victory against Brive.

A stadium with surely more than 15,000 spectators, what inspires you?

We saw more spectators for the World Cup, but it's an absolute record for an ASBH match and it speaks volumes about the enthusiasm for the club. We find our history, the great times of Béziers. Whatever the result, the season was great, I have never had as many emotions at the club as this year!

This means that the public is renewing itself ?

At the Raoul Barrière stadium, I always follow the second half of the matches from the popular stands and in the middle of winter, when the club was doing less well, there were only 3,500 to 4,000 people. . This means that a whole bunch of people have rediscovered the club. Against Nevers, I saw a young, family crowd, it’s fantastic. I also see people from all the villages around Béziers and this reminds us that this club was not only that of the town, but that of all of Biterrois.

Could we say that it’s a bit like the "Olympic flame" moment for Béziers, which isn’ not received ?

Nothing is more important than pleasures that last. Spend 180,000 euros for the flame – I'll say it again – I prefer to use them differently. The torch relay would have stayed here for half an hour. We reap the fruit of all the money put into the club, the only one in France which is the property of a community. We gave the team time. We gave Pierre Caillet time, when everyone wanted his life. All of this leads to the success that we are experiencing.

A prediction ?

We're going to win. Obviously. The team will be carried like against Nevers, with this last try at the very end of the match which was the public's test, it is the coach who says so. The team was supported. And this Friday, you will see that it will be the same. The team is excited, the players believe in it. Of course we will win, and see you in Vannes.

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