Rugby: Millau falls with honors in Sarlat and misses the climb to Federal 1

Rugby: Millau falls with honors in Sarlat and misses the climb to Federal 1

Les Millavois joueront en Fédérale 2 la saison prochaine. Centre Presse – Jean-Louis Bories

Après sa victoire au match aller (28-25), le SO Millau espérait une victoire à Sarlat ce dimanche lors du retour et il n’en a rien été (39-13).

The ending could have been beautiful, just like the party when the SO Millau players returned to the city of gloves. Nothing will happen. The men of the Majorel-Petit duo failed to overcome the challenge launched by Sarlat, his opponent of the day, in the round of 16 second leg of the French Federal Championship 2.

However, the Sud-Aveyronnais were in good shape after their good performance at the Parc des Sports during the first leg (28-25). The short front was not enough this Sunday. However, SOM believed in it after a good first half. Although behind, he was still in the battle when he returned to the locker room (15-13).

Dominated by the forwards

Afterwards, the locals took out the barbed wire to prevent anything from getting through. Millau did not manage to unlock his counter in the second act. Opposite, the Périgourdins did not go there with no effort and chained. Two tries before the hour mark allowed them to take off (30-13, 57th). The Sarladais benefited from a big forward pack which dominated their Millavois counterparts and the sanction was heavy (39-13, final score). The season ends like this for the SOM which will play in Federal 2 next season.

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