Rugby: Millau has a revenge to take against Leucate

Rugby: Millau has a revenge to take against Leucate

Millau reçoit Leucate ce dimanche au parc des Sports. Midi Libre – Théo Costecalde

Face au Audois ce dimanche (15h15) Millau veut faire oublier sa courte défaite du match aller.

After the magnificent performance last weekend in Castanet and the remarkable victory, further improved (42-12), the Somistes, runners-up, return to their favorite field of the sports park this afternoon with the reception of the Audois de Leucate, current 8th. During the first leg and in particular circumstances, the SOM s’was lost by a very small point 11 to 10 having played very little.

A big match expected from the Millavois

Coach Baptiste Majorel remembers: "We had left too much influence on extra rugby, this team had us found ourselves in difficulty and we had not managed to put our game in place." To erase the frustration of the first leg and take some revenge, the South Aveyron coach and his team want to play a big match in front of their audience but are still wary of this opponent who is always difficult to maneuver.

The starting XV

Perraux (cap.) – Delouis, Vergne, Fekitoa, Wadelle – Escalais (o), Calme (m) – Fournier, Coste, Auzuech – Naudan, A. Bourrel – Herail, Petit, Roques.

Substitutes: Damigrinti, Mezair, Laurence, G. Bourrel, Metral, Favre-Trosson, Rorato.

Volume and intensity

With the positive results we feel a certain excitement building in the city and in the club and there is no doubt that the players, galvanized by their loyal public, will be keen to achieve a great performance. Above all, they must not let themselves be intoxicated by the previous result at Castanet and attack the match from the right end while respecting the opponent. Putting as much intensity and volume of play as last week will be the key to achieving a great performance and thus consolidating this famous second place, directly qualifying, and recovered last weekend in the Toulouse suburbs. The objective being direct qualification, there is no doubt that spring promises to be bright for the SOM. But for this, the Millavois mentor wants to take « match after match » according to the established expression and refers to the month of April to do the accounts. Regarding the squad, we will note the absence of pillar Wilfried Pupier, very active for a few matches but slightly injured and therefore left to rest, and of the young Eliott Austruy. In the area of ​​returns, Baptiste Laurence and Vincent Favre-Trosson rejoin the group.

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