Saint-Gély-du-Fesc and OMMB winners of the Hérault Cup after a completely crazy evening

Saint-Gély-du-Fesc and OMMB winners of the Hérault Cup after a completely crazy evening

Saint-Gély du Fesc va pouvoir fêter sa montée en Nationale 3 ainsi que son titre dans l’Hérault. Julia Saillard – Julia Saillard

Les finales séniors des coupes de l’Hérault ont rendu leur verdict, ce samedi à Castelnau-le-Lez, et ce sont Saint-Gély-du-Fesc et l’OMMB qui ont inscrit leur nom au palmarès.

Crazy intensity in a boiling atmosphere. In Castelnau-le-lez, the finals of the Hérault Cup on Saturday allowed Saint-Gély du Fesc and OMMB d& rsquo;enlarge their trophy cabinet. The last city gained the upper hand over Frontignan in an ultra-tight opposition (87-91 AD).

In the first quarter started with an open engine, the Ouest Montpellier Métropole Basket got off to a better start led by its number 5, Koegler (3-10, 3rd) but the Frontignanais came back almost level at the end of the first quarter of the match (20-24, 10th). Before going in front for the first time in the match (34-31, 17th).

L'OMMB, an agreement between Fabrègues and Saint-Jean de Védas, reacted with its captain Leibnitz, author of 12 points in the first act, but Frontignan slammed seven consecutive points to lead at mid -beat (46-42, 20th).

An unbreathable extension

At the start of the second half, the aggression increased a notch and the match became more choppy. In this little game, it was the Maritimes who initially took off (53-46, 23rd) before seeing the OMMB return (57-57, 28th).

The end of the match was just as close with back and forth and ties (69-69, 38th, 76-76, 40th), and the two teams had to decide in overtime. In this one, it was the OMMB which emerged victorious (87-91 AD).

A little earlier, at the end of the afternoon, during the women's final, Saint-Gély had shown itself to be intractable against the ;rsquo;ASPTT of Montpellier.

From the start of the match, Saint-Gély du Fesc  got into their match as best as possible by defensively locking down the ASPTT players in the racket (16-6, 10th).

The double for Saint-Gély

On their momentum, the Saint-Gilloises widened the gap before half-time thanks to judicious 3-point arrows (34-13, 18th). The ASPTT players could count on Monne (12 pts at half-time) and their captain Darde (13 pts at the break), the duo was very successful in shooting.

Despite a little improvement in the last minute of the first act, the Montpellier players returned to the locker room 15 points behind (34-19, 20th) and could regret their lack of precision in the racket .

Upon his return, Saint-Gilloise Ortega woke up to score eight points in five minutes and create an unrecoverable gap for ASPTT Montpellier (46-22, 25th).

The meeting ended with a deserved and controlled coronation for the Saint-Gély greens (66-36). Definitely a good season for the town north of Montpellier, also  guaranteed to move up to the women's Nationale 3 next season.

Results and program

Thursday May 9:

U9 girls, Castelnau – BLMA: 10-67

U9 mixed, Castelnau – St-Gély : 48-36

U11F, OM MB – St-André :

U13F, Castelnau – OM MB: 96-23

U18F, St-Gély – OM MB: 55-75

Saturday May 11:

U15M, CAB – Mosson: 68-109

U11M, CAB – Pézenas : 79-56

U13M, Frontignan – CTC Basket Ouest H.: 28-94

Séniors F, St-Gély – ASPTT: 66-36

Séniors M, Frontignan – DMMB: 87-91 ap.

This Sunday, May 12:

U15 Féminine, 11 h : Castelnau-le-Lez – Saint-Gély.

U17 Male, 13 h : Castelnau-le-Lez – IE CAB Montpellier.

U20 Male, 15 h : OMMB – Mauguio.

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