Second tournament of the season for the RCBM hornets

Second tournament of the season for the RCBM hornets

The hornets are participating in an open tournament on Sunday in Roquemaure.

After two consecutive matches at home, the seniors of the Rugby club Bagnols Marcoule will be resting this weekend as will the entire rugby school which is still enjoying a little vacation. Only players in the touch section will put on their crampons. See you in Roquemaure tomorrow from 2 p.m. for an open tournament. "We have 12 players from Bagnolais who are involved in the tournament, explains Bruno Palun, responsible for the category. Motivated girls and boys who plan to bring home several victories."

The very young touch section of the RCBM, which is barely celebrating its first year of existence, continues to grow. When the club created it at the start of last season, only one slot was offered to players. "This year we have two weekly training sessions, Wednesdays and Fridays. The one on Wednesday attracts the most people and we are around twenty players on average", welcomes Bruno Palun who shares training with other coaches.

If some hornets, as they like to call themselves, are just there to have fun, others are keen to participate in competitions. A majority of them themselves. "They're a good group. There is a good atmosphere, we try to organize friendly times outside of training to create bonds. A third of the participants had never played rugby and in a few months we can already see the progress."

Progress also driven by players in other categories who are seduced by additional training. Cadets and seniors, accustomed to tackle rugby, have gotten involved in the game and now come to practice touch. "For us it is very positive. This makes it possible to create a link between the categories , confides Bruno Palun. There is a nice mix of ages and genders. This is the advantage of touch and we try to adapt to everyone's desires during training."

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