Sending troops to Ukraine: many European allies rule out Emmanuel Macron's hypothesis

Sending troops to Ukraine: many European allies rule out Emmanuel Macron's hypothesis

La proposition d'Emmanuel Macron n'a pas fait l'unanimité à l'issue de la conférence internationale pour l'Ukraine. MAXPPP – GONZALO FUENTES/POOL

Plusieurs pays, dont l'Allemagne, la Suède ou la République tchèque refusent pour l'heure d'envisager une intervention au sol.

"Once again, during a very good debate, it was said that what was agreed from the beginning between us and with each other also applies to the future , in a word, there will be no ground troops, no soldiers in Ukraine who are sent by European countries or other NATO states

The day after the declaration of Emmanuel Macron, who said Monday evening during a conference dedicated to the conflict in Ukraine that he does not want is not excluded that Western troops will be sent to Ukrainian soil to support Kiev in the face of the Russian invasion, the German chancellor has clearly ruled out this hypothesis. During a press conference, Olaf Scholz recalled that the allies had, from the start of the conflict, established that they would not go beyond the border. #39;logistics assistance.

"Not the same tradition of commitment"

Many European countries shared this caution this Saturday morning. Thus, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson declared that sending troops to Ukraine "is not at all a problem. current affairs for the moment""The French tradition of military engagement does not&#39 ;is not the Swedish tradition", he added, as if to reassure his people. 

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk declared for his part "to be ready to participate in any initiative that could end the war in Ukraine" quot;, except for sending troops. "That would be a  huge escalation, commented Slovak President Robert Fico, while the head of the Czech government, Petr Fiala, assured that Prague is not considering a ground intervention either. This weekend, on the other hand, he proposed that the European Union buy weapons beyond its territory to support Ukraine. All these countries fear a widening of the conflict if other countries intervene on the front. This Tuesday morning, the Kremlin also warned: sending troops to Ukraine would "not in the interest of the West  quot;.

"Awareness of the risks posed by Russia"

Even if he recalled that it was unthinkable, two years ago, to send tanks or long-range missiles two years ago and that the objective of the Élysée summit was to discuss "everything possible to achieve our objective",&nbsp ;Emmanuel Macron finds himself isolated, in the international concert, with this hypothesis. Only kyiv, for the moment, is delighted that the sending of allied troops has been put on the table. "This shows absolute awareness of the risks posed to Europe by a militaristic and aggressive Russia", did namely someone close to President Zelensky.  

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