Seoul, the capital of dogs: Pomeranian, poodle… what are the breeds of dogs that Koreans prefer ?

Seoul, the capital of dogs: Pomeranian, poodle... what are the breeds of dogs that Koreans prefer ?

A Séoul, un foyer sur deux a un chien. Rawpixel/Getty Images

Despite a worrying decline in the birth rate in the country, South Koreans have not completely given up on parenthood. Many of them claim their status as "pet parents", that is to say "parents of pets". The inhabitants of Seoul are particularly infatuated with dogs.

The figures speak for themselves: the South Korean capital is home to no less than 612,000 dogs, according to a report from the Seoul Digital Foundation cited by the Korea Times. One in ten households have adopted one. Seoul's dog population represents 17.5% of South Korea's 3.5 million domestic dogs.

If Seoulites seek the company of dogs, they favor certain breeds more than others. They show a clear preference for poodles, Mongolian cattle dogs, Pomeranians and shih tzu.


But their hearts break especially for Maltese Bichons, these small dogs with long, dazzling white coats. They are known to be very affectionate and sociable, although they can be a little aggressive. Despite their occasional outbursts of blood, the Maltese have managed to find a place among the inhabitants of Seoul. They make up about 20% of the city's dogs, according to the Seoul Digital Foundation.

The love of Seoulians, and more generally South Koreans, for dogs has an impact on their consumption habits. Indeed, they embrace their excess of anthropomorphism and buy strollers to walk their "babies", without the latter getting too tired.

As a result, sales of pet strollers will even exceed those of strollers intended for infants in 2023, as reported the Korea Times. A great first that says a lot about the relationships that the inhabitants of the land of Morning Calm have with these little four-legged companions.

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