Soccer. Winner of Jacou-Clapiers, Fabrègues joins Frontignan in the final of the Coupe de l’Hérault

Soccer. Winner of Jacou-Clapiers, Fabrègues joins Frontignan in the final of the Coupe de l’Hérault

The Fabréguois in the locker room after their success (0-3) against Jacou-Clapiers. Mathias Tuduri

With a reshuffled team, AS Fabrègues enforced the hierarchy on Sunday, April 14, by winning on the Jacou field in the semi-finals. The residents of Régional 1 will challenge Frontignan (R1), defending champion, on May 8 or 9, in Clermont-l’Hérault.

Jacou-Clapiers (D2)….0
Fabrègues (R1)…. 3
Stade Yves Mandler 1.
Half time:
Referee: Fouzi Ben Bouazza.
Goals for Fabrègues: Meschel (19th), Torregrossa (45th +2), Commeignes (90th +5).
Warnings for Jacou-Clapiers: Ozorak (42nd), Serdoun (45th), Muller (70th).
Warnings for Fabrègues: Caumet (27th), Rico (54th), Torregrossa (56th), Bouchité (80th), Vernhet (89th).< br /> JACOU-CLAPIERS: Tailhades – Simoni, Galmar, Oller. Ra (cap.), Muller – Ozorak, Merchant, Oller. Ro – Meler, Serdoun, Vinsonneau. Then Bousquet, Collet, Haumont. Coach: Swan Pierredon.
FABRÈGUES: Bouchité (cap.) – Lemaire, Boumali, Zaghar, Besse – Meschel, Caumet, Rico – Vernhet, Torregrossa, Naili. Then Perrier, Commeignes, Ribeiro. Coach: Laurent Scala.

The Fabréguois did not fall into the trap of Jacou-Clapiers, four divisions below. However, parameters did not necessarily give them clear favorites, between a slightly low morale due to the lack of results in the championship, the absence of seven players from the group and the excellent form of the JCFA which could count on his supporters to galvanize them.

But with executives on Mandler's turf (Zaghar, Besse, Bouchité, Boumali), younger players who are making their mark (Meschel, Rico) and the experience of the cup, Laurent Scala's men have made "the job" facing Little Thumb who is playing the climb to D1.

Meschel's missile and Oller's completely missed penalty

In the absence of Wagner (sprain), Meschel behaved like a boss in the midfield, he guided his partners, spoke up when the game went too far quickly or not enough and tried his luck from more than 25 meters to shoot Tailhades (0-1, 19th).
The scenario of the match could have taken a different turn if Romain Oller had not completely missed his penalty because the point mat was torn off his support (28th). While the ASF pushed on the opposing goal (31st, 34th), winger Torregrossa doubled the score with a cross strike before returning to the locker room (45th + 2) on a serve from the ;rsquo;attacker Naili, already passer on the first goal.

Jacou-Clapiers did not give up in the second half. The pressure is put on in the Bouchité area but the shots on target are insufficient to worry the Fabréguois goalkeeper, apart from Vinsonneau's attempt (57th). The ASF resisted, without really being in danger, and finished the job with a third and final goal scored by the young Commeignes (0-3, 90th +5) who was playing his first match with the team first.

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