Some very useful reflexes for staying on your two-wheeler

Some very useful reflexes for staying on your two-wheeler

Some very useful reflexes for staying on your two-wheeler

Vigilance is required at all times. Even more so during urban journeys. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

This week, Le Nez dans le Handledon offers you some simple keys to take with you on your daily journeys. A very useful keychain to prevent falls or even more serious accidents. Come on, saddle up!

Following monster games in professional races, the subject is making the headlines in your newspapers. Am I concerned ? Should I stop riding, send my son to his bike club ?

On a daily basis, rules are required to prevent falls. The first concerns circular vision. Never take your eyes off the road for more than a second. Because in one second, depending on your speed, things can happen!

Scan your direct environment constantly

Continuously analyze the film passing before your eyes and don't stay glued to your lens, your computer, GPS or in your thoughts. Scan the wide field around you in just a few milliseconds and continuously.

Ride on a machine adapted to your body shape, in perfect condition, it's a guarantee of safety. With tires neither too inflated nor not enough.

Do not cross the Place de la Comédie on an e-bike at high speed, with one hand, phone in the other, and even with a child on the luggage rack! (seen last week).

Moderate your pace at intersections and in town. Leave on time too! There's nothing worse than trying to save time on time!

Maximum braking which is obtained with the front brake

In a secure area, practice powerful braking, the maximum efficiency of which will be given to you by your front wheel! With the bike in a straight line of course.

If you are on disc brakes, beware! You risk blocking everything in the event of an emergency. Then, as with any unprotected vehicle (motorcycle, scooter, scooter), you are necessarily more exposed. Be prepared: suitable speed, helmet, gloves, long clothes will limit damage in the event of a mess.

The choice of route and the strength of habit also greatly influence! Don't overestimate your skills. As for children who love cycling and ride in a club, don't worry, they are supervised by state-certified instructors whose safety is the priority. As with skiing, learning young is an undeniable advantage.

Section produced with Le Criquet de Talus velociste at 3, rue Lunaret in Montpellier.

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