Specializing in the manufacture of recycled plastic glasses, Sea Effect could lower the curtain.

Specializing in the manufacture of recycled plastic glasses, Sea Effect could lower the curtain.

Flora Joly et Céline Lapeyre chantres de l’économie circulaire. JM – JM

Specializing in the manufacture of recycled plastic glasses, L’Effet mer is facing difficulties. To limit losses, the company created in Saint-André-de-Sangonis sells its products at reduced prices and pursues a partnership with an association which receives 25% on sales.

The story was beautiful, the concept virtuous but now, three years after the launch of its glasses made from collected and recycled plastic, the company L’Effet mer is overtaken by the merciless reality of market and should fold shop. But, before probably lowering their flag, Flora Joly and Céline Lapeyre offer themselves a nice last stand to limit the damage while supporting a good cause and the actions of the  association Super Céleste.

"We're close to closing"

"Indeed, we recently carried out a flash operation and sold around 250 glasses but that is not enough. We are not far from closing and, if we close tomorrow, we risk finding ourselves, each of us, with significant debts. All this for having pushed ecological innovation and having produced French", regrets Flora Joly who keeps smiling despite adversity.

An ecological, social, responsible product

To limit losses, the heads of the company Cœur d’Héraultaise, which had been incubated at Novel ID, in Saint-André-de-Sangonis, are continuing the operation until the end of the year. to June 10. "Before we receive indecent offers but which we cannot refuse, we try to increase the number of partnerships and pretty things to recover a little funds but also serve noble causes." Thus, the glasses are sold at a reduced price, with a promotional code, and a quarter of the sales are donated to Super Céleste. "This association will organize a large waste collection in Paris. It’s an association that collects donations to help associations that work for children", explains Flora Joly. "I might as well tell you that at these prices, the purchase is as responsible, ecological, social as possible. Here, we are on an offer that does not exist anywhere else. As long as I have a little energy to defend his glasses, I do it. Then we will resell to the one who has the most interesting offer, but it will necessarily be at a loss, it's a bit hard after everything we have given."< /em>

"A real awareness is necessary"

Far from feeling sorry for one's fate and the announced end of a great adventure initiated in 2018 (the glasses were put on the market in 2021 after four years of research and development), Flora Joly says above all "sorry for all of us. Some big brands exploit the planet and humans. Everyone knows it and people continue to buy their glasses. A real awareness is necessary, the world is turning upside down. I find that what is happening to us as founders of the company is not fair, but above all I am sad for our company.

It seems that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We can bet that Flora Joly and Céline Lapeyre will be able to bounce back and continue to uphold their ethics, with complete integrity.

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