Standoff in the Assembly: will LR deputies table their motion of censure to try to bring down the government ?

Standoff in the Assembly: will LR deputies table their motion of censure to try to bring down the government ?

Eric Ciotti, président du parti LR. MAXPPP – Alexis Sciard

This Monday, two motions of censure were debated in the Assembly which had little chance of succeeding, but they appear to be the first act of a play which could continue in the fall.

"Don't turn your group into a field of macronie crutches", says Sébastien Chenu to the’ attention of LR… This Monday, June 3, the debates around the two motions of censure filed by LFI and the RN to protest against the budget cuts made by Bercy were heated.

And yet, the risk of seeing the government fall was almost zero. The text of the Insoumis, defended by the deputy Mathias Tavel, obtained 222 votes. It was voted for by all the elected representatives of the Nupes and those of the National Rally.

The text of the Marine Le Pen group, presented by the RN vice-president of the Assembly Sébastien Chenu, obtained only its own votes, a total of 89. If the results were known in advance, these two votes were nonetheless observed very closely by all camps. They could, in fact, prepare a much riskier motion of censure in the fall.

Macron will never dissolve

On Monday, the LR refused to support the texts put to the vote because: “We don't open an institutional crisis five days before a national election”,explained this weekend to L’Opinion an LR advisor. But in the fall things will be very different.

Standoff in the Assembly: will LR deputies table their motion of censure to try to bring down the government ?

"The idea of ​​tabling a motion of censure during the study of the budget is starting to rise among us", assured us a manager at lunchtime. According to him, until now the LR deputies were far too afraid of a dissolution to vote for the censure of the government.

"But more and more of them understand that Macron will never dissolve because he does not want to be the President who will have opened the doors of Matignon to the RN", assures us this former LR minister who adds: "Macron is playing with the Republicans".

"So I dissolve or I don't dissolve ?"

Our man wants as proof a dinner, organized on Tuesday April 30 at the Élysée in honor of the Sarkozy senator Pierre Charron who had just received the legion of ;honor. Throughout the evening, the President would have gone around the tables saying: "So I dissolve or I don't dissolve ?"< /em>.

"He continues to play with the LRs but it doesn't work anymore",provides us with this framework. Hence the change in attitude of some of the deputies. "If the budget is really painful, if it’s a budget that hits employees and retirees, then we will have to table a motion of censure, perhaps with LIOT , because not doing so would amount to voting for this budget, assures an elected official.

No wet squib

A text which this time would have a good chance of being voted on. The president of the LR group in the Assembly Olivier Marleix said it Monday in the hemicycle: "A motion of censure from the Republicans would not be a damp squib like that of today, but would necessarily open a political crisis in our country.

A large part of the oppositions have in fact never hidden their desire to vote for a motion of censure tabled by the LR, thus paving the way for the fall of the government. Autumn promises to be eventful.

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