Stolen check scam in Gard: he is sentenced to €3,000

Stolen check scam in Gard: he is sentenced to €3,000

A hearing at the Alès criminal court. Midi Free – ALEXIS BETHUNE

He offered people in difficulty to cash checks for a fee, and to return cash to him.

José-Vincent has covered a good part of Gard, notably Alès and Anduze. With stolen checks, he carries out various transactions.

This Friday, the man appeared before the Alès criminal court for fraud.

In total, a little less than 10,000 € would have been diverted. The system is well established. The defendant asks people to cash checks, in exchange for a commission, to receive cash.

Thus, three Anduzians would have paid the price for this setup. "They must repay the amounts to their bank", indicates the president of the hearing.

At the stand, the 36-year-old defendant delivers a version a little different from that of the court: "The three blame everything on me. If I admit to having used the checks, I did not commit the check theft. I too cashed checks on my account and that of my ex-partner and which I have to repay to the bank. It appears in my auditions, but there were no checks on my account so that I could justify myself."

Today forklift driver, the man pulled away. A reintegration which the deputy prosecutor, Quentin Larroque, takes into account in his requisitions: "He is designated as the one who approached the other three." And to request a financial sanction of 300 daily fines of 15 €, or 4,500 €.
After deliberating, the court reduced the requisitions a little by pronouncing a sentence of 300 day fines at 10 €, that is to say 3,000 €.

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