Stopover in Sète 2024: activities not to be missed this Friday March 29

Stopover in Sète 2024: activities not to be missed this Friday March 29

Parade des petits et grands bateaux pendant Escale à Sète 2022 Midi Libre – EVA TISSOT

Escale à Sète propose de nombreux rendez-vous traditionnels et festifs sont proposés. Le programme en détail de cette quatrième journée pour une immersion totale dans l’âme vibrante de la Méditerranée…

"Escale Solidaire"

From 9 h 30, on the Quai du Maroc, find "Escale Solidaire", the conferences are led by the French Institute of the Sea (IFM) in the morning and the French Navy in the afternoon. As its name suggests, the day is dedicated to solidarity. The maritime prefect of the Mediterranean, Gilles Boidevezi, opens the round table “From the land to the sea”. He also gives a conference on "Solidarity in the Mediterranean" at 2 p.m..

An hour later meet the crews of the minehunter Capricorne. At 4 p.m., listen to a naval attaché from Germany speak about "Maritime Solidarity in Europe".

Still on the theme of solidarity at 12:30 p.m., a maritime demonstration takes place on the Herber, Durand and Licciardi quays. The objective is to show the means of rescue and safety at sea. The activity is supervised by the National Navy, the Sdis (departmental fire and rescue service) and the SNSM (National Society of rescue at sea).

Boats and sport

On the boat side, admire on the Quai de la République at 11am, the sailing parade "Totemic ship"to the sound of the Flemish bagpipes of Doedelzaks, Géants of Boulogne-sur-Mer and the beef of Mèze. Follow the journey of these groups at 12 h nbsp;for the traditional "Totemic Ball" in the Criée car park. Discover the Yoles through the "Escayoles Trophy" in the stands on Quai Herber and Durand at 2 p.m., un traditional sailing boat challenge oar.

On the Herber Durand and Licciardi quays, an oar race, at 11 a.m., and a tug of war, at 3 p.m. 30, are still expected. Indeed, for this edition, Annick Artaud, co-president of Escale à Sète, has decided that the crews will have a double ration of sporting competition.

At the end of the day

The Japan Village opens on the Algiers quay at 6:30 p.m.< /strong>with a speech, a presentation of the delegation concerned and a tasting of the flavors of the country or region. Accompanied by a vocal joust “the Japanese sailor's cap".

End your day in music with "crew evening" listening to Trio Valla Scurati Losini and the Ninfe Della Tammorra, place de la Capitainerie, on the stage of the same name at 8 h.

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