Stopover in Sète 2024: what weather to expect for the last days of the festival ?

Stopover in Sète 2024: what weather to expect for the last days of the festival ?

Le vent devrait souffler encore dimanche à Sète avant une belle journée lundi. MIDI LIBRE – PHILIPPE MALRIC

Confronté à une météo des plus capricieuses depuis le début, le festival Escale à Sète devrait passer entre les gouttes une bonne partie de ce dimanche 31 mars avant une belle accalmie lundi de Pâques pour la parade.

Since its creation, Escale à Sète has never had to juggle so much with weather conditions. After the cancellation of Tuesday – and therefore of the arrival parade – due to rain and too strong wind, the festival has since suffered very mixed and windy weather.

Persistent sea wind

This Sunday March 31 should be no exception. According to Florian Ambrosino and his Météo Thau page, which is very specific on local phenomena, "the sea wind will persist and will be very sensitive ! Rain is expected from 5 p.m." It won't be heavy showers but it will be continuous until around midnight.

Almost ideal day for the parade

As for Monday April 1st, the last opportunity to visit the boats in the morning before the departure parade announced for the beginning of the afternoon, the wind will fall and change direction to go below the 10 km/h mark (which he has never done since the start of Escale). The sky will be very clear for most of the day before a slight deterioration from 5 p.m. The fleet of ships will already be far away. Alas.

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