Street lights lit non-stop for two years in a residence in Saint-Nazaire

Street lights lit non-stop for two years in a residence in Saint-Nazaire

Un des quatre lampadaires en fonctionnement jour et nuit. C. C. – MIDI LIBRE

And one of the tenants has been alerting its lessor, Grand Delta Habitat, of this problem for two years as well. 

Christiane has lived in a 49 m2 house in the Les Paysages residence in Saint-Nazaire since 2014. A residence of twenty-four houses, managed by the social landlord Grand Delta habitat. "Look carefully, she shows, it's been more than two years since these four street lamps have been lit 24 hours a day . And two years since I reported it by letters."At the beginning of 2024, she received a response that a company had been commissioned. Tenacious, she calls the company in question which claims to have no knowledge of the file. The tenant doesn't get angry: "The charges, the electricity, it's us who pay, no one moves."

Mystery over the source of the malfunction   

Since first contacting Midi Libre, more than a month ago, other tenants have started to worry, in turn contacting their lessor. Grand Delta Habitat, via its communications department, explained to Midi Libre last week : "Two electricians intervened. They couldn’find the source of  malfunction. This could come from an EDF meter. We are in contact with EDF. Repairs are in progress."
This Monday, May 6, the street lights were still on.  "Could it be a day/night detection box that is defective ?", ask Christiane and one of her neighbors.
Other facts leave the tenant speechless, such as the billing of 70 € per month for approved parking, "this is not a space, it’s the roadway. We park, we can't pass each other. I do not have an attached garage"
Last point raised by the resident of Saint-Nazaire, "in the charges, we pay 3,000 € per year for mowing the lawn by a gardener.There is no lawn". On this question, Grand Delta Habitat explains: "This concerns the maintenance of green spaces around the villas (behind, terrace side, and in front).We have the obligation to maintain these spaces for fire risk."

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