Strike at the SNCF: what “exceptional” compensation are you entitled to if your train is canceled this weekend ?

Strike at the SNCF: what “exceptional” compensation are you entitled to if your train is canceled this weekend ?

Des perturbations sur la circulation des trains sont attendues avec seulement un TGV sur deux en circulation ce week-end. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – Thierry Thorel

While a strike by SNCF controllers is being prepared, a thousand trains are expected to be canceled between this Thursday, February 15, at 8 p.m., and Monday, February 19 at 8 a.m. The SNCF provides “exceptional compensation” for those who are unable to travel. Here are the conditions to benefit from it.

Struggle in sight this weekend in the stations: SNCF controllers are on strike from this Thursday, February 15, 8 p.m., and until Monday, February 19 at 8 a.m. . Disruptions to train traffic are expected with only one in two TGVs, one in two Ouigos and one in two Intercités in circulation from Friday to Sunday.

People with a train ticket for this weekend must receive information specifying whether their train is maintained or canceled two days before their departure at the latest, by email or SMS. . But these shipments are random: the safest thing is to regularly consult the SNCF Traffic Info site, indicating your train number and the date of your trip.

Free exchange or refund

If you had to leave or return from vacation and your train is canceled due to lack of staff on board, there are several solutions, informs the SNCF. 

It is possible to exchange your ticket free of charge, on all TGVs where there is still space until Monday February 19. The railway company notes that around 300,000 tickets remain for sale on the TGVs running between Thursday and Monday. 

It is also possible to benefit from a refund of 100% of the ticket price only if the customer cancels their trip planned between Friday February 16 and Monday February 19 inclusive.&nbsp ;To do this, simply cancel your trip on the application or on the SNCF Connect website. 

An "exceptional offer"

While this strike "embarrasses the French" in the middle of the school holidays, the SNCF has planned "an exceptional commercial measure" to compensate travelers forced to cancel their trip this weekend: SNCF Voyageurs is offering a reduction on the next TGV or Intercités trip.

These customers will automatically receive, within one month, a code giving entitlement to 50% on a future trip, provided they book it within 30 days. No additional steps are required.

This "strong measure" in the words of the TGV and Intercités director, Alain Krakovitc, is however well below the compensation received during the end-of-year holiday strike in 2022 which amounted to 200% of the price of the reserved tickets between December 23 and 26.

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