Strike on the Tango network in Nîmes: employees put pressure on the president of the Agglomeration and on the mayors

Strike on the Tango network in Nîmes: employees put pressure on the president of the Agglomeration and on the mayors

Les bus circuleront lundi 8 janvier sauf de 7 h 15 à 8 h 15 lors du débrayage des salariés. MIKAEL ANISSET

L'intersyndicale souhaite l'ouverture d'un dialogue et la signature du pacte social. Face au refus des élus, un débrayage est annoncé en matinée à partir du lundi 8 janvier.

The transport operator in the Agglo de Nîmes Transdev announces on its website very serious disruptions on the Tango bus network Monday January 8, from 6:45 a.m. to 8 a.m. 15 p.m., due to a social movement. The SNTU-CFDT union has in fact been announcing for several days a morning walkout, from Monday to Friday, in order to ask the president of the Agglo Franck Proust to sign a social pact.

The latter refuses so as not to hinder the current procedure which will make it possible to award the new public transport service delegation to Keolis or RATPDev, the two finalists who are taking the final oral exams at the end of this year. week. The name of the next delegate should therefore soon be known…

Letters to the mayors of the Agglo

Mobilized since December 11, the inter-union of Transdev Nîmes Mobility announces a tough social movement with, for the week of January 15, walkouts in the morning but also at the end of the day. #39;afternoon, during rush hour, if the president of the Agglo does not open the door to dialogue. "A legal note demonstrates that guaranteeing the social pact would not hinder the current call for tenders. (…) We recall Mr. Proust's promise to receive the union representatives."

The inter-syndicale also requests the mayors of the 39 municipalities of the Agglo Nîmes Métropole by sending a letter in which elected officials are asked to position themselves and to receive union representatives. The opportunity to express concerns: "Employees demand the maintenance of a structuring framework, with a guarantee of the social pact and a limitation of subcontracting to 50% ".

A worrying annex

Already mentioned during the first walkout on December 11: Annex 2 of the current contract "not applied with the Covid crisis" the terms of which could be included in the next DSP.

Which raises serious concerns among employees about the quality of service and working conditions. "This annex provides for a significant reduction in staff. (…) We highlight elements of the proposal for a variant offer of the future DSP, including the elimination of early morning departures and frequency adjustments. L&#39 ;intersyndicale adds that it is determined to continue the strike in the event of a lack of dialogue with the Agglo.

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