Success for the little games meeting in Jean-Hugo Park

Success for the little games meeting in Jean-Hugo Park

Des dizaines de familles étaient présentes autour des jeux. T. D.

This Wednesday, May 22, the Le P’tit rendez-vous association organized an atypical afternoon with the Maison de l’Europe.

Having barely entered Jean-Hugo Park when we hear the laughter of children, accompanied this Wednesday, May 22 by sounds that resemble wooden games. A few meters further, the people of Lunel were able to discover these, scattered in the alley surrounded by trees on around fifteen tables inviting passers-by to play a game.

These installations, if they are there, it is because the associative café in the La Roquette district, Le P'tit rendez-vous, placed them there with the aim of " create links and show yourself to the rest of the city", underlines the president of the association Chantal Berthet.

This event was organized in partnership with the Maison de l’Europe. The children quickly got involved in the games. "They all come from a different European country, the billiards from Latvia and Holland, the top from Portugal…", explains Olivier Dedieu , president of the House of Europe.

New afternoon games this Saturday May 25

But the event was also an opportunity to show that Europe is a mixture of cultures and made it possible to raise parents' awareness of approaching European elections.

For Chantal Berthet, it is the creation of links that matters the most. "It’s for the intergenerational side that we play ", she explains. Thanks to this initiative, we see grandmothers having fun with their grandchildren. "And, what's more, they are not in front of the screens", slips Chantal Berthet.

A point of view shared by a mother who came with her two children. "We were passing by and saw all these games, the children are having a lot of fun and getting out of their bubble, it's great &quot ;, she rejoices. The association had already released the games in front of the rainbow nursery school, and faced with this new success in Hugo Park, the president of P'tit rendez-vous announces that such an event could happen again in a similar way. regular. In the meantime, from this Saturday, May 25, as part of the World Games Festival, the association will be present at the intercommunal media library, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., to present its games. Admission will be free.

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