The 21st season of the Golf café opens in the colors of “Where’s Charlie ?” in Millau

The 21st season of the Golf café opens in the colors of “Where’s Charlie ?” in Millau

John et Hugo Bonneviale prêts pour leur 21e saison à la tête du Golf café. Midi libre – Maxime Cohen

Ce samedi, la fratrie millavoise ouvre sa saison au Golf café.

The Bonneviale brothers are used to surprising with the themes chosen for the opening of the Golf café. Leopard for the 2022 edition, sequins for the 2023 vintage…hellip; For this 21st season, they are opening their establishment in the colors of the famous book Where's Charlie ?. Who hasn't let themselves go on this album, looking for the man in the red and white sailor shirt and round glasses? This will be the opportunity to play the game apart from the pages thought by Martin Handford.

Charlie to be found throughout the evening

Saturday May 4, on Avenue de Millau Plage, many of them are expected in this outfit. "We have several activities planned on this theme, warns John. All evening, there will be games and inevitably, we will have to look for Charlie throughout the evening." And for that, the brothers have no shortage of ideas. Hostilities will begin at 6 p.m. and the bosses advise limiting car use as much as possible due to parking issues.

3 000 € for cancer research

Once again, caps will be for sale and the profits will go to the Imagine for Margo association. The profits from these sales will go to research for pediatric cancer. "Last year, this sale made it possible to donate 3 000€ to the association, note Hugo Bonneviale.

Next week, the Golf Course will host the beach volleyball tournament organized as part of the events linked to the arrival of the Olympic flame in Millau. It will be held there on Friday May 10, upon registration at

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