The Arlesian novillero wins the Castella trophy in Bellegarde (Gard)

The Arlesian novillero wins the Castella trophy in Bellegarde (Gard)

The novillero Victor in a chest pass. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

The Arlesian novillero wins the Castella trophy in Bellegarde (Gard)

L'Espagnol Julio Norte a réservé de belles images à la muleta. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

As part of the Bullfighting Primavera, organized by the Coordination of the bullfighting clubs of Nîmes and Gard, the novillada without picadors organized in Bellegarde (Gard), by the Bellegarde Passions Traditions association allowed the young Arlesian bullfighter Victor to cut off three ears and win the Castella trophy put in competition. 

Arènes de Bellegarde : novillada without picadors of the Primavera of bullfighting.
Time: clear sky.
Entry: arenas almost full.
Duration: 2 h 20.
Cattle: breedings of Roland Durand and La Paluna.
Vueltas: the 1st and 4th novillos were honored with a posthumous vuelta.
Victor (coconut and black sorbet): an opinion with one ear and two ears.
Cristian Restrepo (Strait of Magellan and gold): two notices with silence and two notices with salutes.
Julio Norte (source of Tagus and gold): an opinion with salutes and an opinion with two ears.
While the cries of the jackdaws, in the sky of Bellegarde, also wanted to underline their satisfaction with the quality of the faenas, the aficionados who came to watch the Castella trophy competition had no reason to regret their trip.
With cattle belonging half to the Roland Durand and La Paluna breeding farms, several of whose residents showed greater mobility and loads, moments of beautiful relief.
If Cristian Restrepo, originally from Colombia, was unable, with little advantage in the sorteo and despite his visible desire, to really express his qualities, his cartel companions, on the other hand, signed excellent phases. With a particularly varied repertoire, creativity and superb gestures, Victor seduced from start to finish, and the young Spaniard Julio Norte, especially in front of his last opponent, showed character, mastery and a worthy toreo.

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