The BCAM ensures on all terrains

The BCAM ensures on all terrains

Les benjamins ont fait le plein de médailles à Lunel.

Les athlètes biterrois étaient présents à plusieurs compétitions. Certains ont assuré leur place pour les prochains championnats de France.

The athletes from Béziers cheminots athletics Méditerranée (BCAM) were in the running during the Sète race.

Over the 5km, Christophe Gardes took second place in the +55 category, in 1930, Valérie Flatry finished 1st in +50 years, in 21’57, and qualified for the French championships. Ditto for his teammate Patrick Roussel, 1st in his category of +75 years old, in 22’44.

Finally, on the  10 km, Sophie Limier finished 1st in + 55 years in 48’55. She will also be present at the national event.

A shower of records at the Pézenas meeting

For its part, the Pézenas meeting kept all its promises for the "trackers" Béziers, a shower of records fell on the Hérault track. In high jump, Ludovic Nal beat his personal best and crossed the 1.55m mark, as did Rafaël Ortuno at 1.65m. Élise Canet won ;nbsp;the bronze medal with a jump of 1.51 m.

Over 100 m, Fanélie Perrin finishes in 12’’70, ahead of Noémie Laurent, in 12’’76 and Eloïse Dubar in 13’’52 . 

Sullivan Bellony ran the 100 m in 10’’99, and Maxence Crouzillac in 11’’11. Ajid Bektic finished his 400m in 52’16 and Victor Konytchev completed the 3000m in 9’37.

In the junior competition, in Lunel, the Biterrois became champions of Hérault in relay, as did Lola Moreau and Louis Lalaoui on 1 000  mr. For his part, Leny Maréchal obtained medals in the triple jump, relay, discus and 1,000m. On the triathlon (run, jump, throw), Louis Lalaoui finished 5th, Leny Maréchal 8th and Lola Moulis 10th. Also note, the bronze medals of Paola Moulis and Louis Lalaoui in long jump.

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