The Béziers “Feria off” moved to May 7 and 8

The Béziers “Feria off” moved to May 7 and 8

La “Feria off” avec l’annonce des cartels et les deux spectacles taurins se déroulera les 7 et 8 mai aux arènes de Béziers. – Midi Libre

L’annonce des cartels et la journée taurine qui devait se dérouler ces deux prochains jours ont été annulées suite aux prévisions météorologiques défavorables.
They are moved to May 7 and 8.

The forecasts of precipitation and wind for the next two days got the better of the "Feria off" where two days of celebrations and two bullfighting shows were to take place at the Béziers arenas.

Finally, the Bettara empresa organized it on May 7 and 8.

The becerrade with the students of the bullfighting school of Béziers, Luis Torres, Isaac Galvin and Clovis (cattle of the Astarac) will take place on Tuesday May 7 (19& nbsp;h) and will be followed by the announcement of the cartels in front of the arenas (8 p.m. and 30 p.m.). The next day, the party will continue from midday (12 p.m.) with the banda "Mescladis" and the bullfighting gala will begin at 5 p.m. The cartel is made up of Clemente, Carlos Olsina, Christian Parejo and Lalo de Maria and a toro for the "recorte".

Reservations on or on 04 67 76 13 45.

Full day: 20 euros and 15 euros under 25s (free under 6s). Callejon 50 euros.

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