The big rugby family in Bagnols-sur-Cèze does not forget the late Anthony Martinez

The big rugby family in Bagnols-sur-Cèze does not forget the late Anthony Martinez

La famille d’Anthony Martinez reconnaissante au RCBM.

Samedi 1er juin 2024 le Rugby Club Bagnols Marcoule (RCBM) avait déployé ses couleurs sur les stades Saint-Exupéry et Le Bosquet pour la deuxième édition le Challenge Marty.

There was yellow and black on the stands and the lawn of the Saint-Exupéry and Le Bosquet stadiums on Saturday June 1, 2024. The Rugby Club Bagnols Marcoule (RCBM) had deployed its colors for the second edition of the Challenge Marty. This tournament was organized in honor of Anthony Martinez, a former club player who died of devastating cancer in 2022.

"Anthony loved RCBM"

"This action touches us very much, said the parents of the deceased, moved. Anthony really liked RCBM. It was his club. The late man's partner and his three-year-old son Jules were also present. The Challenge attracted a lot of people.

An action of solidarity

As for the decor, there was a stand calling for donations to finance the fight against disease. A location had also been made available to the delegation of the league against cancer in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Head of the local unit, Nina Ehrmann welcomes this solidarity action. "The RCBM is a rugby team, but it’s a big family too" she declares. In 2024, the collection had made it possible to donate approximately  2 500   € to the League Against Cancer.

Assistance to patients and families

"Part of the money goes to help patients and their families" , specifies Nina Ehrmann. Another association visible around the Saint-Exupéry stadium, the Lionesses de la Cèze. Maryline Botella and Jennifer Johnson sell items to finance their rally. They will thus be able to raise funds. Their action also has a humanitarian purpose. "We are going to distribute school kits in the desert of Morocco".< /p>

General meeting

The club will also hold its general meeting on Sunday June 2 from 9:30 a.m. at the club house at the rugby stadium. On Saturday June 15 there will be the rugby school party. As for the Club House, its opening initially scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed to June 28. The Challenge Marty closes its season at the same time and thanks its partners and sponsors.

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