“The Boss is me!”, the same enthusiasm a year later for the new entrepreneurs of the Heart of Hérault

“The Boss is me!”, the same enthusiasm a year later for the new entrepreneurs of the Heart of Hérault

Une formation et des retrouvailles entre les nouvelles cheffes d’entreprises, ce jeudi matin à la Distillerie. Midi Libre – A.M.

In 2023, Adie (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative) selected, trained and continues to support 10 women in their retraining project. They were gathered this Thursday in Lodève.  

In February 2023, Adie (association for the Right to Economic Initiative) presented in Lodève already the 10 projects selected within the "La Boss, c’ ;is me!". Launched in the Heart of Hérault, the operation aims to help, support, train and follow ten women in their reconversion.

A year later, they were brought together again collectively for a morning of training and reunion in the premises of the Third Place of the Distillery, this Thursday, January 18.

Creating a club to see each other and expand your network

"It’s a great success. They have different backgrounds and projects. Seven have already created their activity, three are in the process of launching. All have stayed in touch via a WhatsApp group and benefit from individual support in the development of their microenterprise", announces Pierre Escudié, retired volunteer at Adie involved in this project. "This morning allowed us to address the theme of insurance, but also to discuss where everyone is at".

With the idea of ​​taking advantage of the links that have been created to set up a friendly network.

"It will take the form of an Adie club dedicated to expanding. It will meet two to three times a year at the home of one of its members around a theme, in the presence of experts, in order to disseminate information and encourage feedback. ;experience, helping each other, complete Céline Freulon territorial director.

Promote female entrepreneurship

"Everyone can become an entrepreneur, including women for whom it is often harder, especially in rural areas."

Building on this premise, the association for the Right to Economic Initiative (Adie) launched a call for applications in the Heart of Hérault at the end of 2022 as part of the operation “The Boss, it’s me!” supported by the three intercommunalities, Pôle emploi or the Local Mission…

The 10 projects selected, carried out by women aged 30 to 60 as part of a retraining, revolve around service, digital, commercial or crafts and are included in a support program, before, during and after creation.

It takes the form of loans as well as individual and collective training on the life, management and operation of a business.

"I have been preparing for the opening of my grocery store for a year, between purchases, putting together files, training, internships and I have noticed that the network is very important", confirms Sandy who will host the next club meeting on June 10 in the grocery store she will open in Saint-Saturnin in April.< /p>

Lucie has already opened with other potters a place of production and sharing in Saint-Jean-de-Fos. Viviane created her micro-enterprise of administrative assistance and aid missions to vulnerable people for legal representatives in Pouget, Stéphanie her activity of initiations to digital arts and music in Nébian while Céline comes to launch her life coach activity from Bousquet d’Orb where she resides…

Contact www.adie.org

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