“The collective will always be the most important”: Frédéric Havas, new coach of Béziers Angels, talks about his arrival

“The collective will always be the most important”: Frédéric Havas, new coach of Béziers Angels, talks about his arrival

“The collective will always be the most important”: Frédéric Havas, new coach of Béziers Angels, talks about his arrival

Frédéric Havas (au centre) entouré des membres du club biterrois. B.T

Future coach of the Angels next season, the former French international was in Béziers this Friday, May 4, to meet and discuss with the club's leaders. Interview.

Frédéric Havas, you were this Friday at the Palais des Sports in the company of the managers. What are your first impressions ?

I had already seen the room in photos and videos, but it is even more impressive in real life. It’s a fairly exceptional work tool. I discovered a structured, professional club that knows where it wants to go. It is not everywhere that we find such development. A lot of ground has been covered since my wife played in Béziers (editor's note: French international, Karine Havas wore the Béziers colors for several seasons in the 2000s). I'm really happy to be here.

What convinced you to join this Béziers Angels project?

I was contacted by Patrick Tourrou, a long-time friend in whom I trust completely. He explained to me the situation of the club and the project. I already knew the region well having played in Sète and Montpellier, but also because Karine played in Béziers. I even had a house in Mèze for a few years. Confidence therefore arrived very quickly and as I am convinced that I am joining a good club, where we can nourish certain sporting ambitions, I was quickly attracted by what was offered to me. Especially since I make no secret of the fact that I was really starting to miss the field. I had left competition during my years as a consultant, but as my daughters had asked me to teach them how to play volleyball, I ended up returning to the courts in Levallois, before moving on. become the general manager. It was an interesting position, but when you are competitive like I am, I felt the need to go back to basics. Being able to support players in their development and a team in its construction, that’s what I like.

What exactly will your ambitions be?

We are in total reconstruction on a sporting level. Especially this year, beyond the chronology of the transfer window, there is a new parameter to take into account with the emergence of professional championships in the United States. United. Several talented players, who until now played in the European championships, left there. Which made it a little difficult for us. But with a lot of work and a little luck, I think we have built a cohesive and quality group. In terms of overall potential, I think there will be interesting things to do. Knowing that to build a team, I believe more in the association of elements than in the quality of individuals. In my eyes, the collective will always be the most important. Afterwards, in terms of objectives, the club wants to reach the play-offs once again. But before seeing exactly what we can do, we need to take a little time and see the girls arrive. Videos and statistics are one thing, but nothing replaces the reality on the ground.

Has the timetable for the resumption already been set ?

The start date of the championship is not yet known, knowing that it is always necessary to allow at least six weeks of preparation before the first official match. The resumption will surely take place around mid-August, with all the usual cycles which will follow one another so that the players and the squad are in the best possible condition when the competition resumes.

A brilliant playing career

Before going to the other side of the barrier and try his luck as a coach, then manager, Fr&déric Havas wasé a very high level volleyball player. Selected à 138 appearances in the French team from 1997 to 2005, the receiver – attacker successively carried é the colors of Avignon, Sète, Nice, Tourcoing, Granada, Montpellier, Numancia and Paris. It was only after this rich career as a player that he then turned his attention to football. towards coaching &agrav; Marseille, then in the capital. Manager of Levallois Paris Saint-Cloud in recent months, the 2008 French champion and double finalist of the Coupe de France will try to bring all his qualities and experience to the Angels.< /p> I subscribe to read more

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