The Costières-de-Nîmes sell their exceptional vintages at auction for a good cause

The Costières-de-Nîmes sell their exceptional vintages at auction for a good cause

Denis Allegrini, Cyril Marès et Pietro Truddaiu unissent leurs talents. ALISSANDRE ALLEMAND – Alissandre Allemand

Under the leadership of Denis Allegrini, president of Umi 30, and sponsor of the La Table association open for the next six months, an auction of the most prestigious vintages of Costières-de-Nîmes is scheduled for March 23, in Nîmes. All funds will be donated to the association for the creation of a solidarity grocery store.

"We were inspired by the hospices of Beaune", laugh in chorus Pietro Truddaiu, president of the charitable association Open Table and Denis Allegrini, president of Umi 30. Next March 23, in the auditorium of the Departmental Archives, will be held for the first time in their history, an auction of emblematic vintages from Costières-de-Nîmes, under the leadership of the union. An idea born from the meeting between the president of the ' solidarity association which has existed in Nîmes in the Richelieu district for 37 years, and Denis Allegrini, appointed sponsor of the Open Table for the next six months.   

Swap parcels for a solidarity grocery store

For the record, last December, the association sounded the alarm and asked for help to continue its work with its 1,300 beneficiaries . " After 37 years of existence, our association is in danger and will experience serious difficulties in 2024. Like all humanitarian and food aid associations, our expenses have exploded over the last two years. years. Energy expenditure tripled, inflation of basic food products to 20%, beneficiaries tripling in two years. In short, we have accumulated two years of deficit which jeopardize the continuity of our activities", explained Pietro Truddaiu.

If the call for help has been heard, the amounts allocated still do not allow volunteers to carry out a project that has been close to their hearts for a long time: opening in their premises a solidarity grocery store. "If we have been operating with food parcels for years, we have reached the limits of this system. Allowing our beneficiaries to choose the foods they want from a wide range is, in our eyes, more rewarding for them and gives them back their dignity, while avoiding the waste that happens when ;we end up with products that we don't like at all. 

Local needs linked to the terroir

To help them in their project, those in charge of the association met Denis Allegrini and invited him to become their sponsor for a few months. Sensitive to the cause of food (restaurateur obliging), the man enthusiastically committed himself to the adventure. And very quickly the idea of ​​associating the wonders of the Gard region with their common quest became obvious. "I found it interesting to link local needs and the region."  The Costères union was won over by the project. "It's our way as winegrowers of showing solidarity. Because although very solitary, our profession would be nothing without our solidarity", says Cyril Marès, the president of the wine union. 

The challenge ? "Collect 20,000 euros", announce the three men. To do this, the auction will offer lovers of good things, around forty lots, made up of some 200 bottles in all formats and all areas of Costières-de-Nîmes. And amateur's word, there are rumors of the presence of very beautiful nuggets.

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