The educational boat Louis Nocca moved to the Sète fish market, those responsible for the trawler are worried

The educational boat Louis Nocca moved to the Sète fish market, those responsible for the trawler are worried

L'ancien chalutier va rejoindre son premier point d'attache à la criée de Sète. Philippe Malric

The educational boat Louis Nocca must change place as part of the new parking plan for fishing boats validated by port stakeholders. 

"We are passing on the heritage of local fishing and we are going to be placed in a corner where we will not be able to receive the public" . Mario Merenda, one of the three leaders of the former trawler Louis Nocca, moored at the Aspirant-Herber quay in Sète, was brought up. According to him, it was Tuesday April 30 that the decommissioned boat, which houses aquariums, videos and exhibitions to tell the story of Sète fishing, will be moved"at the second pontoon of the auction but in the space which is closed by gates. We will no longer be able to have visitors even though each person who gets off the boat is always very happy with their visit. We only have congratulations.

"We find ourselves with our ass in the water"

"We learned this during a meeting on February 15. We were told that we had to leave some space. We suggested moving the boat back towards the Savonnerie bridge. No answer. I wrote to the president of the Port. No response", he fumes. "After all the efforts we have made, it's simply the death of this boat." < /em>And to conclude "excuse me for the term but we find ourselves with our ass in the water".

Return to original situation of Louis Nocca

Kelly Llinarès, the director of the fishing port, confirms that the Louis Nocca will be moved to a quay at the auction level. But remember that this is in agreement with its owner. "The boat was initially positioned on a landing pontoon at the auction because the Louis Nocca, c& ;rsquo;was a trawler, indicates Kelly Llinarès. For functional reasons linked to the management of active fishing boats, the boat, which was initially to be torn apart as part of a previous fleet exit plan, had been moved to the Quai de la Marine. Then moored at the Herber quay by its owner who transformed it into a visiting boat.

Access to the public: "it's getting organized"

Except that the future parking plan for fishing vessels "which meets the requirements of security and proper functioning of the fishing port, validated by all services, those of the South Port of France, the captaincy and the prud’homie", cites Kelly Llinarès, established after the 2023 fleet exit plan, provides for a return to the original situation for this former fishing boat which has become an educational place. With a corollary: the signature a parking contract, as is planned for the sixty boats in the fishing port.

Public access will always be possible for the Louis Nocca. "It's getting organized", assures the port director, "we have resumed our visits to the auction organized with the tourist office which also sees great interest in the boat returning to the auction".

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