The first seeds of La Belle Gardoise were sown during the Mediterranean Flavors Days

The first seeds of La Belle Gardoise were sown during the Mediterranean Flavors Days

Les acteurs de cette nouvelle filière 100 % locale. MA

This 100% local sector, supported by a collective of farmers, storekeepers, millers and bakers, was officially launched this afternoon during the Mediterranean Flavors Days.

These are the seeds of an ambitious project, of a "beautiful adventure" which were sown this afternoon in the Jardins de la Fontaine, during the Mediterranean Flavors Days. An adventure led by a collective of farmers, storekeepers, millers, bakers, aiming to found a 100% local sector which should give birth, in October 2025, to a baguette, nicely named La Belle Gardoise.
First step ? The development of the cultivation of soft wheat, a seed selected for future bread, in a department where durum wheat is generally favored : "We we produce 7 500 tonnes of soft wheat each year, explains Cédric Santucci, vice-president of the Chamber of Agriculture. The potential of this sector seems important. In 2023, we discussed among cereal professionals. The idea of ​​local supply emerged: it’s a win-win with fair remuneration for farmers."< /p>

The storage workers then embarked on this adventure, they who collect the harvests, preserve them, ensure their traceability, before delivering them to the millers. "We have products from our region, smiles Gérard Rosello, from Comptoir agricole du Languedoc, and we are going to fight for this baguette.&quot ;

Third player in this new local sector, the millers. "There are no more mills in the Gard, explains Jean-Pierre Passaga, production director of the Sauret mill, located in Hérault, who will therefore be involved in manufacturing La Belle Gardoise flour, alongside Minoterie Giral (Vaucluse) and the La Belle Gardoise mill. Vernède (Lozère). We are impatiently awaiting this bread, but there is a notion of time." For the first seeds of soft wheat will only be sown this fall…

« Make the best baguette in the world »

Already, the bakers are ready to "challenge", in the words of Christophe Hardy, president of the Union of master bakers and bakers-pastry chefs of Gard, to "make the best baguette in the world" . "We are inspired by Lou Pan d’here, which has existed for five years in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and which is made with local wheat, explains Julian Lucio, artisan baker in Milhaud. The flour will be almost the same and, apart from the yeast, everything will be 100% Gardois. Even the salt will come from Aigues-Mortes." Objective, imagine a traditional baguette, promoting "knowledge -make farmers and bakers".
In October 2025, it could be tested in around twenty pilot bakeries across the department: "We will see how people react, if it works", continues Julian Lucio. Before, perhaps, thinking about acquiring a label, the name of La Belle Gardoise already plays on this idea. Even developing a 100% Gardoise flour sold in local shops.

In short, an ambitious project which has already attracted the three consular chambers, the Chamber of Agriculture, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Trades and Crafts . But also public authorities since five of them are already partners in this local sector, from the Department to the Region, including the towns of Nîmes and Alès. Happy auspices for the future wand.

New place, new frequency

Everyone, farmers, producers, visitors, are unanimous: the Jardins de la Fontaine, on the other side Bosquet, are the ideal place to host the Mediterranean Flavors Days. A real "écase to highlight the beautiful and the good", according to the terms by Franck Proust, president of Nîmes Métropole during the inauguration. But, for this it was necessary to convince the mayor Jean-Paul Fournier: "I’éwas reluctant, he admitted. It’s a success with a lot of people." And the president of the Chamber of ;rsquo;agriculture, Magali Saumade, while thanking him for his trust, promised him: "We will be à meets your expectations for security of this magnificent place." And to add with a smile: "We are counting on the mayor to protect this event in this magnificent place." An event which is now happening ;agrave; a biannual rhythm.

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