The guesthouse for vulnerable people Les Jardins de Bagnols, in Béziers, opens its doors to the public this Monday, May 27

The guesthouse for vulnerable people Les Jardins de Bagnols, in Béziers, opens its doors to the public this Monday, May 27

The two “hosts” of the Jardins de Bagnols support the residents on a daily basis. AJ-ML

As part of national boarding house week, Les Jardins de Bagnols, at Four-à-Chaux, in Béziers, a social residence managed by the Habitat et Humanisme association, is open to the public this Monday, May 27, from 11 to 4 p.m.

Jean-Bernard, 65, has been feeling well for two months. The retiree comes « finally » to find accommodation at the Les Jardins de Bagnols guesthouse, in the Four-à-Chaux district, in Béziers.

After an expulsion

"I worked in a property in Minervois which housed me. But, when I retired, the boss did not want to give me a contract so that I could continue to live where I was. He kicked me out. The case is before the court, for eviction without cause. I found emergency accommodation at the Abes accommodation and social reintegration center, in downtown Béziers. From there, I was able to put together my file to send to the Integrated Reception and Orientation Service (SIAO), helped by a social worker, to apply here"< /em>, he says.

His words remain discreet, modest, far from his harsh reality, present and past, of a life journey that no one envy.

Like Jean-Bernard, the sixteen other residents had to face hardships. Of all types. But today they all share the same pension, managed by the Habitat et humanisme Hérault association, chaired by Grant Collignon. It opens its doors to the public this Monday, May 27, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. "to publicize our “relais house”, the other name for pension of family", explains Catherine, one of the two “hosts”, two social workers who work all day on site to support the residents.

17 studios and shared spaces

Each resident lives in their own studio. "We have 17. Three of them are larger to accommodate couples." And Patrice Théo , host of the Montpellier family pension Villa Davin, on site this Friday, to explain: "The pension also has its administrative reception office and living spaces semi-collective for common activities such as meals or workshops. Outings are sometimes organized…"

In addition, the pension has a large garden where residents who wish can indulge in the pleasure of gardening. Or just stroll around. It’is one of the elements that Jean-Bernard prefers, "accustomed to nature". Patrice Théo continues: "I would say that in family pensions, we are in an in-between: on one side, the medico-social structures which completely take care of the people ; on the other, social housing with independent tenants. We, our residents, who are socially isolated people, having difficulty accessing housing, have a certain degree of autonomy but are accompanied by the hosts. They sign an occupancy contract."

Les Jardins de Bagnols, 2, rue de Saint-Génies, in Béziers. Such. 09 70 75 32 13. On the program of the open day: visit to the guesthouse; at midday, aperitif dinner; after – noon, fun activities in the presence of residents. I subscribe to read more

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