“The human being is a disco ball”: on Instagram and Tik Tok, Isaline provides psychological advice with humor and lightness

“The human being is a disco ball”: on Instagram and Tik Tok, Isaline provides psychological advice with humor and lightness

Isaline sur tous les fronts concernant la santé mentale. Midi Libre – DORIAN CAYUELA

Followed on social networks, clinical psychologist Isaline Gayraud wants to promote mental health to make it accessible to as many people as possible. And his videos are a hit.

We have the impression that she could move mountains. Isaline Gayraud, clinical psychologist in Montpellier, is teeming with ideas and projects. And at the heart of everything she does: mental health.

And for this she does not hesitate to use all the tools available to her so that everyone can pick up what they need.

Overflowing with energy, she defines herself as "hyperactive". She accompanies people through "classic" psychological sessions, but as if time had no duration at home, she works on other media: social networks, books, association, projects… she is on all fronts.

Tik Tok and Instagram

"I started from the observation that many minorities did not necessarily have access to care, particularly for mental health issues, but everyone or almost has a phone."

This is why for a few months, she decided to expose herself on social networks, first Tik Tok then Instagram. With more than 25,000 subscribers on @encoreunepsy, she provides psychological advice with humor and lightness, she deconstructs clichés about therapies, plays them down, offers tools, & quot;and above all with the aim of providing a different approach to promoting mental health."

"On the other hand, I want to be me, I chose to be me.&quot ;

So on his account there is everything: from the psycho techno concept – she is a fan of this music – going through his relationship with ADHD to little psychological advice and technical sheets on certain issues, to end with sequences that boost morale, some of which can be filmed in… a bathroom.

An eclectic patchwork for everyone to draw from as they wish. "With tolerance and kindness as the key words."

His association Evimeria

To complete the promotion of healthé mental health and psychoeducation, Isaline Gayraud is also president and founder of the Evimeria association.

"Là also, my goal is to allow à everyone can find the practice that suits them. But for this, it is necessary to explain the different possible therapies, guide people towards good practices according to their needs and implement them. provision of practical tools", such as the sleep tracker or the energy gauges which can be printed.

In the near future, she hopes to make interventions in companies, schools, organize psycho aperitifs, set up a telephone hotline. phonics…. The bubbly psychologist hasn't finished yet and intends to shine a light on human health. mental wherever ù she can.

A notebook for doing your own therapy

At the end of January, she published "The Shadow Work Journal". This is an exercise book as a support for carrying out a kind of self-therapy. "Of course, this journal can be used as an approach before undertaking therapy, but also as a tool accompanying it or even after", she emphasizes.

Everyone can use it as they wish, to work on self-acceptance, their emotions and ultimately feel better. With a self-assessment at each stage. A notebook that can also be used at other times.

And when we ask him the meaning of this English title – understand the ’work of the shadow", his explanation is clear. "I visualize the human being as a disco ball. We all have facets that are meant to be nourished in the light. But when the ball is still, many remain in the shadows."

She completes her remarks by explaining that her job as a psychologist is to get things moving again. For her it is essential "not to wait to be at the bottom of the bucket to undertake this work. As they say, prevention is better than cure."

A spotlight which, she hopes, will allow people who wish to do so to strive for better things and go through the different stages of life more serenely. And concluding that therapy can also be joyful. 

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