The market for landscape companies driven by individuals

The market for landscape companies driven by individuals

Un peu moins d’un client sur deux des entreprises du paysage est un particulier.

In 2022, individuals are responsible for 43% of the turnover of these companies.

"The activity of landscape companies is driven by the individual market and the creation of green spaces",< /em> specifies UNEP, the National Union of Landscape Companies. In Occitanie, 43% of customers are individuals. Compared to 31% of private companies and 26% of public markets (particularly local authorities).

Symbol of the interest that individuals have in their plant environment, in two years, their turnover has increased by 20%. "These remarkable performances demonstrate an active awareness of individuals and an increasingly strong need to be accompanied, advised and supported to go green our lifestyles", explains Corinne Delpeyroux, president of Unep Occitanie.

Everywhere, "there is a need for nature", which relies on < em>"increased skills in ecological engineering and ecological engineering".

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