The middle school students’ show will give pride of place to the neighborhood

The middle school students’ show will give pride of place to the neighborhood

Les collégiens et leurs professeurs ont planché pendant une grande partie de l’année sur ce spectacle.

See you this evening and tomorrow at the Alain-Colas gymnasium, where the college students dreamed big.

"This show is an opportunity to break away from the teacher-student bond and give them confidence". In the Alain-Colas gymnasium of the Croix d'Argent college, Nicolas Baumann, music teacher, and Muriel Navarro, PE teacher, very enthusiastic, guide around sixty students.

"Everyone's involvement in this show was fantastic", adds Nicolas. The parents of the students were involved, one created the poster, the other brought their expertise in video and sound. The City lent professional lighting equipment. The Maison pour tous Albert Camus represented by Loïc Leroux also participated.

Like every year the association "Why not" features 60 young middle school students on stage and with music. The musical artists Laurent Montagne, Christine Jouve and the choreographer Anne Lopez accompany the teachers' regular workshops throughout the year. It is a reflection of the vitality of the college to bring together all the projects within the establishment. This year, the neighborhood is the theme. "The choice to talk about the place where they live and learn was consensual", explains Muriel.

A protean spectacle

In the show, we will find soundtracks, videos on the streets, interviews with people who have lived in Croix-d'Argent for a very long time. Which gives a look at the environment of the college.

There are also songs created by the students, texts, rap, acrobatics, circus. Also the feelings on the tram, the famous cell phones, how children perceive their world…

"It's also thanks to all these initiatives and the investment of the students that the college created the artistic and live performance option three years ago", underlines Nicolas.

This social, educational and artistic event grows from year to year. This is perhaps an opportunity to see future budding talents from the "Croix d’ART gent" !

Friday May 31 and Saturday June 1 at 9 p.m., Gymnase Alain Colas, 361 rue de l'Arnel in Montpellier.

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