The Montpellier National Opera Orchestra unveils a preview of its next cultural season

The Montpellier National Opera Orchestra unveils a preview of its next cultural season

Bernard Serrou (Président de l’Opéra Orchestre), Michaël Delafosse (Maire de Montpellier et président de la métropole), Valérie Chevalier (directrice générale de l’Opéra Orchestre National Montpellier Occitanie), Roderick Cox (directeur musical de l’OONM) – OONM

Lyrical, symphonic, chamber music, music from elsewhere, various events, 300 performances are scheduled during the 2024-2025 season of the Montpellier National Opera Orchestra, the ticket office of which will open this Friday at 10 am. nbsp;h.

A minimum occupancy rate of 71% and mostly 100%. These are the good figures communicated by Valérie Chevalier, the general director of the Opéra Orchester National Montpellier when presenting, this Wednesday, the next 2024-2025 season. An occupation of the rooms which should not change too much given the loyalty of certain spectators. "There are 700 people who come to see everything" rejoiced the manager who commented on its 10th season mixing lyrical program, symphonic, chamber music, music from elsewhere, various events, including some outside the walls, and a program dedicated to youth.

The new musical director

This new season will be marked by the taking over of the new musical director Roderick Cox. The mayor of Montpellier and President of the metropolis Michaël Delafosse was again delighted with this appointment, emphasizing that Montpellier had "adopted"the young American chef, always the most elegant in his blue suit and tie. On September 22, the conductor will begin the opera season with La Force du destin, an opera with large picturesque paintings by Giuseppe Verdi. The Italian composer is one of his "favorites". He will also conduct the concert on January 31 in which we find Tchaikovsky, in May for a carte blanche to Maylis de Kerangal, and in June with Alexandre Tharaud on the piano.

Four operas

On the opera side, Offenbach returns at the end of the year with Le voyage dans la lune, a very light operetta adapted from Jules Verne. In March, it will be Médée by Cherubini. A month later, Philippe Jaroussky will direct the Mitridate re du Pontoby Mozart. The opera choir, considered by Valérie Chevalier as "one of the best in France", will highlight The Creation of Haydn in November. He will also be present for the back-to-school concert: Messa di Gloria by Puccini under the baton of the young Lucie Leguay. "I’try to bring in many female chefs" underlines Valérie Chevalier.

Israeli Elinor Rufeizen will lead the New Year's concert. We will find the Estonian Kristiina Poska for a program mixing Bartok and Brahms. The composer will also be set to music by Y-Chen Lin. Youth therefore finds a good place in this program with the evening Eclats de Géniein October highlighting pianist Arielle Beck, who is only 14 years old. In total, 20 symphony concerts are scheduled with Haydn, Schumann, Berlioz and even Schubert. In October, cellist Anastasia Kobekina will perform a posthumous fantasy by the Austrian composer. "If you want to hear a Stradivarius, come to this concert" enjoins Valérie Chevalier.

Difficult to talk about the 300 scheduled performances, let's focus on the small deviations, like the one done with Bernard Lavilliers, on Friday October 11 at the Corum, or Christine Taubira on October 12 ;nbsp;January who will have selected texts with Alexandre Tharaud on the piano. The mayor wants the Bosc kiosk to regain its shine, Valérie Chevalier has planned a concert there, as well as other events in the city's parks.

2024-2025 program and online ticketing on Friday June 7 at 10 a.m. on I subscribe to read more

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