The Muscat’elles meet to celebrate their 10 years of existence

The Muscat’elles meet to celebrate their 10 years of existence

De l’amusement, du plaisir, du sport, le tout au féminin sur la pelouse de Bigotière.

The Muscat’elles meet to celebrate their 10 years of existence

Some former players have come a long way.

The Thau Rugby Club women’s team invited the ex-players to the event.

Les Muscat’elles celebrated 10 years of existence on Saturday June 8. The Thau Rugby Club women’s team met at the Bigotière stadium for a festive day. They invited former players, around a hundred people. Some coming from far away: from Jura, Savoie or Ariège.

“June is a busy month of activities and not everyone could be there, notes Suzy Pradal, head of the women's section of the club. But it feels good to be together again. The Muscat’elles are not just a sports team, they are the solidarity of the group, they are a great human adventure well before a sporting one."

"It’s like I never left"

The event began at noon with a paella prepared by Les Traiteurs de l’Ovalie de Montbazin, long-time official sponsor of the team, in the company of former players. "It’s like I never left", notes Isabelle, who came from Ariège. For Céline, now living near Chambéry: "I didn't start again because if there are women's teams around Chambéry, they are mainly made up of young people focused on competition. But it’s a real pleasure to be here today. It's a return to basics to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere."

After a sweaty afternoon on the lawn , it was in the evening at a Spanish inn that the happy sportswomen continued their reunion with husbands and children. "But we have to think about what's next, specifies Suzy Pradal who is leaving her position as manager to others, just like their coach. We must perpetuate our team because the Muscat'elles are more than a team, they are a family that we have chosen!"

These women, athletes, wives and mothers will continue the adventure because these training and match times bring them much more than the benefits of sport: balance, enriching encounters and solidarity between all.

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